Orichalcum Nuggets in s2, 14

Tried farming season 2 , province 14 for nuggets, like e/p suggested. Either RNG is unkind or I just don’t know which level of 14 has the best drop.

So far, I have done 10 runs EACH (30 total, 360 WE) on hard at s2-14-10,14-9,14-8 with abyssmal orichalcum drop rates. Crude iron drop is OK.

Any luck? Or is it really supposed to be less than 3 nuggets per 10 tries?

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I was just going to post on this and found your post. Same thing here, I haven’t gotten any nuggets on 2/14 no matter what I do. In fact, I’ve only gotten one in the last week from any source.

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Well, according to the Farming Guide by Hotdamnmess, your best bet is likely somewhere early in Season 1. They’ve got 5-8 mentioned, but I suspect basically anywhere that costs just 3 energy would do since it’s SUCH a low droprate anyway (15%).

Try 23/4…that’s usually where I get mine…I have over 300 of them…season 1 of course

On the map S2 14 is meant to have increased rates of drops for Nuggets. I have been through this region on Hard many times. Over 300 runs. Sweet F%6k all nuggets. Has anyone found where they do drop or is it just the way it is?

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Increased drop rate for 4* items are ■■■■■■■■

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Hey buddy! Samesies, s2 14 is a big middle finger for nuggets on my (lost count but over 500) runs as well.

Based on data and statistics I just made up (but have been holding strangely true) certain items drop more heavily in provinces for certain players than others so you have to find “your nugget” province. Mine is 9-1 for some unknown reason but it pays out like a broken slot machine. Now I will wait for SG to nerf my drop rate to pieces…good luck buddy.

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S1 or S2?

random chars up to 20

9-1, eh?


S1 9-1 twenty characters

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Just used 28 loot tickets on 9-1 and got 4 nuggets wooooooooot!!!

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TL;DR: I think so. Doesn’t even look like your luck was all that bad…

There are two special cases for 4* crafting mats:

  • Season 1, Province 5. (Typically 5-8) The only 4* crafting item you can find here is nuggets, so you will get more of them, but zero meteors and zero dragon bones
  • Season 1, Province 6. (Typically 6-8) The only 4* crafting items here are nuggets and dragon bones, you should get more of them at the expense of meteors.

I’ve been digging deeply into the farming data on 4* crafting mats … and yes, the drop rates of 4* crafting mats ARE that pitiful. Unfortunately, the data collection project I’m working with has a goal of 100 runs per level … and on average is still short of that goal. The result is that the data on 4* crafting (and 3* farmable ascension mats) is so sparse that patterns are barely showing up over the randomness.

To put it in perspective, I’ve got data on 166771 items dropped in ~11,000 farming runs. 2351 4* crafting mats were found. 1.41% of the total. Since they aren’t even possible in some provinces, the overall average is a bit higher.

To make things worse…it appears that items found “more frequently” are relative to other items of the same type and star level–When S2:14 has more nuggests, it is only at the expense of meteors and dragon bones…they don’t take any of the share of common herbs.

From looking at the farming data…a lot, my conclusion is to pick a level to farm based on what you want among:

  1. Recruits
  2. 1* Ascension items (Backpacks vs. Swords vs. Rugged Clothes vs those damned training manals)
  3. 1* Crafting items (Crude Iron most often)
  4. Overall total Crafting and Ascension items
  5. The mix of 1* vs 2* crafting mats
  6. S2 missions or elemental chests.

4* crafting mats are worth farming for … there just doesn’t seem to be any place enough more productive than any other place to really justify farming there for that reason. (And I suspect that most of the “good” levels for them are actually random noise which is common with such low sample rates)


Thank you for your assessment(s).
It feels a little like SG is feeding us BS, and while I am a bit of an SG apologist, they have historically been accurate when they say ‘increased drop’ for particular items.

I would love to see a “% drop probability”
If % of nuggets is programmed to drop MORE in one area than another, then I will certainly farm there regardless of my results.

Been getting 1x nugget regularly when using tickets on s2 15-8 hard mode. 12 flags. It’s amazing for recruits and loot drop much better than s1 8-7. Fairly regular roots, firestone, backpacks too.

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I’ve been called a shill or an apologist, but I believe that what they tell us IS truthful. (There are many true things they are reluctant to tell us, but I mostly don’t blame them for that)

In this case, I have little doubt that what they tell us about increased items is completely true.

Looking at a lot of data, it appears to be both true and worthless as a way to get more of the 4* crafting mats you are out of.

OTOH, it is very valuable information when it comes to farming for more frequently dropped items, like 1* and 2* crafting mats, and 1* ascension items. (i.e. where to find backpacks, rugged clothes, swords, less !@#$!@ training manuals, crude iron, less !#$!@ common herbs, metal ores, etc.)

Farming for 3* crafting mats (Probably Midnight Roots) might be worthwhile.

I have been farming for nuggets and d. Bones for quite a while, but have kept no records, so all I have is from observation. In season one, I usually go through prov. 5 for nuggets and 6 for d. Bones. And, even though it has nothing to do with what you get, I only occasionally run a stage where they don’t show in the “what is available” screen. I just feel better seeing them, although I know they can turn up in any of them. That being said, I have also found that I get most of mine from season 2 prov. 1, 9, 8, and 7. No particular stages, since I go by what shows. I appear to find them in both normal and hard levels.

I have also noted that they appear, in any of those places be it season 1 or 2, in cycles. I have gone through them all and got nothing, time after time, only to return and farm successfully later that day or the next, etc. In the last week or so I went from having about 30 tornados to 80, farming just those provinces. At the same time, I have been using them on Titan fights at a rate of about 3 per set, not 3 per fight. So, I’ve overall gained. Same with the d. Bones, which I use in time stops and dragon bombs. I have about the same amount of themh, total of both, so they equal the tornadoes. I use them, at a little over 3 per fight set.

So, that’s my two cents for what it’s worth. Just depends on the cost ratio whether they are worth the extra cost farming in the more expensive area. I received one nugget in providing. 13 or 14, but don’t know where, since I am only now finishing those provinces. Hope this helps, but as wacky as the drop rates are I wouldn’t hold my breath.

UPDATE on previous post. I finished the Atlantis provinces, then went back through checking for nuggets and dragon bones. Province 14, received 1 nugget. Provinces 16, 17, 18. 16 and 18 both gave out at least 1 dragon bones and 1 nugget from normal and difficult level. However, Province 17 gave me 2 drops of both a nugget and d. Bones. I checked through both levels twice and including the double drops, I got 2 drops of Dragon bones x2, as well as several single drops. Also several nuggets, at least twice, they dropped in consecutive stages. I ended up with about the same number of both items. Counting all the provinces from 14 to 18 I ended up with about 14 nuggets and 12 to 14 dragon’s bones. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t take the time to write my findings down, but my Inventory, which had no new ones when I started the runs, showed 14 and 12 new, but I had started to craft dragon bombs, befor i thought to check to see what I ended up getting. I think I had crafted only 2, but it might have been 3 or 4, so I am adding 17 in season 2 to my farming runs. I will also sometimes use 18 and 16. I usually do heavy farming of the hard stages when I can get loot tickets, as I hate to spend the time doing the entire fight. Hope that helps and good luck.

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What’s now the a recommended place to farm the nugget? I have same issue with gremoir dust. Can’t find it on regular bases.

For 3 days I ran thru S2 province 14 without getting a single nugget (typical drop rate). Just ran thru S1 province 9 (14 runs) and got 3 nuggets.

My most reliable source for nuggets has become s1,5-8

I farm for packs, come away with 3-5 nuggets out of a full 46 energy run.

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