2 players seeks new home

We are 2 players lvl 55 and 69, left last alliance as members did not use all flags.
if you fit all this:
Top 200 alliance
Chaining 14* titans (if titan is pass announce in front)
100 k minimum average on titans for 7 days
line obligatory
War tanks (not rotating - hate this), blue, purple, even green OK.(for rush change is ok)
War strategy in waves, spy usage ok.
Clean your own flags if miss/volontary clean crew.
Miss war flag: kick / pardon if you are lucky and war was won

Let us know.

Update: our troops are 15-19 and we have 20+5* and we use lots of 4* that are limit broken as lots of them fits good in war attack teams.

How many 4:80 5* heros do you each have?

our troops are 15-19 and we have 20+5* and we use lots of 4* that are limit broken as lots of them fits good in war attack teams.

Currently top 200, been as high as 40 but we require lvl 23+ troops and 30+ 5* heros.

you do remind me a bit to myself :slight_smile: excuse me if it’s the wrong word, I have no better: You have the ‘attitude’ of a competitive player, fitting to Top 100 or even Top 50 however unfortunately not the bench, nor the troops what many will request. I have doubts that you’ll find what you’re looking for going lower than this. Hence my suggestion would be to reach out to a family of alliances. Work your way up to the next tier.
The Last Legion comes to mind, 7D families, Batman, Last Regiment, KOTN.
I hope this helps :slight_smile: I wish you best of luck in your search and a Happy New Year


Cadi has some great advice here. Work on your troops and roster to reach competitive levels in a top 100. Top 500s are rather noisy and very aggressive and hungry. Good luck in your pursuit as great development alliances are everywhere now!


Well let us IN and you will see we will perform at top of war hitters, and our defences are solid.
What kind of color tanks do you use?
Enyway troops are important but difference is just 1% in your requirement.

This guy sounds like a perfect fit for your troops and benches. They sound hungry too

Our Alliance Brothers Of The Sword fits pretty much every box you mentioned. We pretty much stay with purple tanks, use all flags. We have a farming system with war and have reliable clean up,hitters. Titans we pretty chain 14 unless it’s a bad spawn time or we sometimes pass on a green. It’s a chatty group, some spenders some not but spending is optional. Give me a shout at Aryastarkraps on line if you want to chat. We are currently at 27 players.

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Not top 200… Good luck on that… But We a cool bunch, laid back but bit competitive if yah follow ally rules be fine … We just like a little effort any issues if you let someone know then its all gravy don’t need to know details… War optional if you war all 6 flags to be used…
Titan hit as much as possible… Line chat available too…
@ me on here


You can reach out via line to kronos_niks , our leader in Seven Days Uprising. We fullfill all your requirements, but are „ only“ top 300. We ranked no. 130 last Mythic Titan with only 29 players.
You fullfill our requirements of 20+ maxed 5* and 20+ maxed 4* heroes. Unfortunately you dont fulfill our troop requirement of rainbow 17+ mana troops. But we have an interview process to check new members and we make exceptions sometimes with the troops.
Its very important to have troops which enable heroes to fire their special early. Thats the reason many top alliances require lvl23+ or lvl17+ mana troops, these levels are important breakpoints.
Contact Kronos, maybe he can arrange a slot for you in Uprising or another 7Days Alliance.

Good luck


We filled both roster spots from promoted personnel from our sister alliance. While you sound like you’ve got the desire needed to be in a larger top 200 alliance, the roster likely isn’t there yet. Keep working and you will get there, but seems like there are quite a few options on the table in this thread. Top 200 often require the same things I listed out earlier, with some requiring lvl 29 troops. Most of the alliances we see have members of lvl 70+

Долучайтесь в альянс “KIA*”

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