19th mode: mana regeneration or critical hit chance


I think about giving my c. Magni and White Rabbit a 19th node. I believe going for 2% mana bonus won’t have any impact on them and the only right way is 2% crit. chance? Is there a way to make them very fast? I have my mana troops on lvl 18 and also 2% mana from Queen od Hearts as a family bonus for Rabbit.

For the rabbit you would already notice a change. He normally needs a lvl 29 manatroop to charge one tile faster, with the family bonus and the 2% mana node you will only need a lvl 17 mantroop to charge him with 7 instead of 8 tiles.

For magni you would need a lvl 17 troop without the 2% node, because of the costume bonus, or a lvl 11 with the 2% node. If you choose the 4% node from the costume path you will only need a lvl 5 manatroop for him when you use him with the costume.
An additional lvl 5 manatroop isn’t very expensive feeder wise and you could use your lvl 18 troop on something slow in a blue stack.

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Since you are talking about Fast Speed Mana heroes it will depend on your play style.

A fast speed mana hero normally needs 8 tiles to charge. With mana bonuses you can bring it down to 7. There is no way to consistently get a fast mana hero to charge in 6.
Now think about how you get 8 tiles vs 7 tiles. Both normally require 3 sets o a 3 tile match. Using/making dragons and crystals can get both done in 2 moves as well.

So do you think you going from 8 down to 7 tiles is going to make a impact on how fast you can fire off the specials? We could argue for and against all day long on this subject and never come up with something most agree on.

So if you are the type of player who wants to shave 8 tiles down to 7 then go mana and need much lower level mana troops to do it. If you do not think going from 8 to 7 tiles on a fast hero is going to impact you play style go critical. Then if you really think critical matters to your tile damage put a crit troop on that hero. Otherwise put a ninja troop on it

also consider the other heroes you normally use with these heroes or hope to use in the future. Will shaving a tile off this hero’s special mess up the synergy you have with the other heroes specials and mana speeds or could it become an advantage?

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In general, the critical bonus is not worth it unless you are running crit troops to improve your crit chance. The % chance from the crit bonus is not worth your while. This is particularly true on defense. A 2% crit chance means that 1 in 50 tiles you throw will have chance to do a critical hit. Mana bonus on the other hand is very useful because even if they are fast heroes, the mana bonus + high level troops will help you fight through mana slow effects aka Telluria’s special.

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I do not use critical troops with my best heroes, only mana troops. In that case I guess I need to go for 2% mana bonus. Thanks for your help guys.

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