19th node for an average mana or def?

Any chance to shove a tile if mana will be selected as +19 (or any other advantage) for averages with mana troop or should I go def instead?

Well mana node is 2%, so for average hero you’ll need lvl 17 mana.

If you are asking if you can reduce it to 8 tiles the answer is no. But…

I personally choose mana nodes because:

i) i have 1 lvl 29 mana troop, and 1 lvl 17 mana and 1 lvl 11 mana troops
ii) i attack 3/2 formation
ii) with that mana node i can assemble my 29 mana troop to a fast hero and lvl 17 mana troops to average hero and grant them to charge with 9 tiles, and 11 to very fast or costumed average hero…
This way in attack i can make all the heroes in the team to charge faster sparing 1 tile in each, if we don’t have 3 set’s of mana trops lvled this mana node have a big impact.

imo it all come down to what heroes/sinergies you usually use, if you have 2 or + lvl 23 mana troops it doesnt make sence getting mana node, so go for defense node.

you also have to consider costume/family bonus and see if the teams you usually build for wars and check if you can spare tiles not in 1 hero or defense hero, but 2 or more heroes on your offensive teams.


Definitely mana because mana is the number one thing in the game and to push a med hero to become functionally fast is very good and helpful you’ll get better use from the mana node definitely

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