Wonderland heroes and the hatter

So I have managed to pull my 3rd Wonderland hero which with the family bonus would give me 4% mana bonus. The Hatter is only average speed but I have a lv 23 mana troop to put on him. My question is would this make him fast speed with the bonus? Node 19 emblem also gives 2% mana but I am far away from that as the Rabbit has all the emblems.

thanks in advance

25% mana speed is needed for average hero to become fast.

Mana troop 23 gives 13%. You need extra 12. That would require full family bonus with 5 heroes. With 3 heroes only you’d still lack 8%. Even that talent node wouldn’t help.

That said, what really matters for average speed heroes is to charge with 9 tiles as that’s 3x regular match 3. It’s unlikely to benefit from 8 tiles all that much. And for that, this level 23 troop is all you need. With class or family bonus (for 2 heroes) bonus even troop 17 will suffice.


Well explained … thank you Bunny

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