⚔ [14 Jun, 2020] - 60th Raid Tournament - 4* Rush Attack, All Elements

I would consider dropping Li Xiu for Mist, Mist has way more emblems! And she prevents the enemy from buffing, which will reduce their options for curing Wilbur’s defense debuff (they can still cleanse it, but they can’t overwrite it with their own defense buff).

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Thank you.

In that new scenario, would it be best to have Mel costumed or not, would you say?

I would keep Mel costumed: you get a defense buff as well. And Sabina gives you the “direct” healing, while costumed Mel gives heal-over-time. Nice combination.


Thanks a lot sleepyhead makes sense! I will do the switch as proposed. What do you think of the order? Maybe i should switch Kiril with Caedmon to apply the attack boost before Caedmon fires? Or should i keep kiril at flank for steardiness?

For the sake of completeness, all of the following heroes have ZERO emblems on my roster:

Little John
Hu Tao

Other notable average speed options are in the same position, like Kashhrek, Buddy, Li Xiu, and Agwe (don’t laugh - he’s a fine option in this tournament if he’s emblemed). ‘Just’ bumping that group to very fast is not (I think) going to overcome 17-18 nodes. I would most certainly strongly consider any hero I listed above if they were in the +teens. I’m not sure where the inflection point is - like is LJ +8 > or < Caedmon +18?

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that’s a good question… one benefit of having Kiril / Caedmon / Wilbur as your order, is that people might stack Blue against Wilbur - but Caedmon is strong against blue.

On the other hand, Caedmon / Kiril / Wilbur, makes the sturdier Kiril as flank rather than Caedmon.

Not sure about their stats, but how about moving Kiril to tank (more emblems than Wilbur, but I don’t know how big a difference the +6 makes?) then you could do Caedmon / Wilbur / Kiril / Mist / Proteus.

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I get what you mean. I don’t seriously consider any maxed hero below 11 nodes for defense, I have enough options in each color who are +11 or higher to play around with. This isn’t based on any hard maths or rigid comparisons, of course. But my decision to drop Colen +2 for Boldtusk +15 is based not only on stats, but on Boldtusk’s much greater chance for the revive talent to kick in.

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Thanks again for replying. The reason i have chosen Wilbur as tank despite the stat diff on defense (690 Vs 715 of Kiril) is that i was hoping he would take the first hits, charge up first (hopefully he fires before he dies) and splits the damage, then Kiril would perform his heal and notably pump up the team for the other three to do the attack part. But maybe Wilbur won’t survive to fire and the whole plan is ruined. I will think a bit more about it and maybe i will use your suggestion thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve ummed and ahhhed about my defence for ages.

So in classic Cheds style I’m going with something a bit silly and left field…see how I do

My first draft is this:

My roster:

I wonder whether to keep boldie or put in colen (but no emblems) and whether a double mist could work better instead of grimm. Open for any other suggestions, thank you.

Alright guys, which of the teams below do you not want to face the most?

My sad roster:

I personally would be most afraid of choice 2.

  1. Boldy should be your tank over Li, as Boldy has quite a few more emblems.
  2. Hansel… ugh, last 4* tourney we had, most of my losses were to teams with Hansel on them.
  3. Mist and her many status effects pose a bigger threat, to me, than dispelling Caedmon or cleansing Sonya.

Heh, funny alternative: who is confident in their yellow stack?? :wink: Hope you like doing tile damage!


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Will go:

  • Proteus +9
  • Kiril 4/70 Base
  • Kashhrek 4/70 Costumed
  • Wu Kong +18
  • Guardian Falcon +20

Mist is pretty squishy though at only +6, which is why I’m hesitant to put her on defense. Proteus at +18 taking almost the full def/HP path has 702 def and 1223 HP, so no longer squishy by 4* standards and I think he’s almost a must pick for rush tourneys where mana control is key.

I suppose I could do this:

No more -34% def to whole team, but now a team of 4 mana controllers in various forms.

Boldie is without a doubt much sturdier than Li Xiu, but I just keep thinking a blue stack of Kiril-Grimm-Sonya is the perfect counter to any 4* red center - Kiril reverses any status ailments, Grimm overwrites any defense buffs, and Sonya either dispels or cleanses depending on what you need. Whereas there aren’t that many good 4* purples to attack Li Xiu with. (although I guess Rigs-Tibs-Proteus would be a good 3tack to bring to any yellow tanks)


Purely by emblems count this is probably the best I can put together. cTibs really should be on flank, but I personally feel mana control is far more important for rush tourneys.

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Any suggestions?

P.s. Fura will be +12 emblems.

What if you went with Hu, Fura and Li across the middle?

My friend ask me to post here for insight.

In this order or
Jott Buddy Rigard Sumle Hu Tao?

Fura as a tank? Could work…

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