⚔ [14 Jun, 2020] - 60th Raid Tournament - 4* Rush Attack, All Elements

I wish I already had my Gullinbursti maxed, but I got a few other heroes that have priority.

Well whatever. I don’t have a super strong defense team since my slower 4*s don’t have any emblems, but at least I got Gretel and Proteus for some mana control.
Got a +20 Chef Boldtusk too, but I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle to put on his costume :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoot! Add 2 heavy duty slash attackers with good power and if they can’t shoot you it’s pretty much a win. That’s how I see it. Can’t win if you can’t fire special

I am tempted to run this lineup.

Cons: people can stack red or blue against this lineup depending on their heroes

Pros: mana control, attack debuff, dot damage, immediate damage, the undying boldtusk tank

I suspect that red and blue are two of the less desirable colors to stack on offense for most people compared with purple or green.


I might run this lineup instead… tough choices

@BubblesUK where you at? War is coming and we need your brain :wink:


Yeah healers going off every 3 rounds sometimes can heal more than you are able to do damage within 3 rounds.

Li costume should be a bit better since in Rush Attack that 10% cut is only 0.65 tiles…which is one round delay…normal Li 20% reduces 1.3 tiles.

Not really. To be honest I like AoE hitter just better in this format…though his mana block is even more effective than normal as everybody is loading faster on rush attack.

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From your heroes on the bench I would fear the duke of rock the most.

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Im going to look at it with the Duke in place of buddy… That’d be the most logical hero to replace imo

What is everyone’s thought of not using a healer at all in a Rush Attack?
I mean for defense…

I always add a healer to my defenses but I am wondering if I would like to try one without. Maybe it will be a HUGE fail or maybe it could work in my favor having an extra hitter/mana control.

Expect for me to say every day “Well, that was a bad choice… Defense: 0-10” lol :laughing:

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Don’t mind him at tank, got good blues and cleanse, he’s not tanky even at +20.

Hate him @ flank behind a strong tank.

I will try this def … I will probably remove one healer

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Anyone with rezzing Shader, Gullinboosti and cKash?

That’d could hurt…

Think im going with the poor man’s Atlantis and double blue flank to punish those red stacks. Should do alright?

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I was considering the following team for the tournament:

I have the following 4*s as possible replacements:

The possible replacements are all leveled, but I pulled emblems off of most of them.

Any suggestions for a better tournament defense team would be greatly appreciated!

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I’m not sure if this will work like a clock. It might be lacking burst, but for a rush attack I think the utiliy part is covered…

Annotation 2020-06-14 232207

This is amother option I don’t want to pick, since I cba to emblem Skittle & Sumitomo which I hardly ever use nowadays…

I would recommend using the costumed version of Rigard as the tank - if he goes off early as planned you’ll be happy to have healing over time and it will also give you an attack bonus for your other heroes. if you have any other emblemed 4-star attackers it might be good to replace Boldtusk, if not the costumed Skittleskull isn’t a bad option with the +40 attack from Rigard and the offensive ailment he applies. I’m going with Costumed Rigard +19 as my tank, flanked by Mist (+10) and costumed Li Xiu (+19) with Skittleskull (+19) and Colen (+19) on the wings. Love the AOE attackers in Rush Attack - especially if I can get the Rigard bonus and/or the Mist defense ailment against special attacks. Should do well when teams get bad boards and with Dark Tank and Holy Flanks still has a chance against good boards.

Overall, I like the strategy. No good Red dispellers that I’m aware of, so your Boril’s will be tough on either side of a Nature tank and Buddy is a beast if Red tiles aren’t available. I would probably attack this with a Nature team to get dispellers for Boril (and possible a quick gem kill against one or the other) and take my chances against Buddy. Either way, you should be able to do well on defense as long as the boards are reasonably fair.

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I have many 4* options with zero emblems. And I realized I never levelled slow 4* heroes except Skittle. Recently queued Hu Tao after the buff(s)…
I have doubts if HoT from Rigardo alone will be fast enough to counter incoming burst

Sounds good. Thanks for the follow up. I did pull both Guardian Falcon and Guardian Jackel over the weekend. Jackel is leveled but I just started on Falcon. I couldn’t see putting either of them in even if they were ready for any of the ones I have now on defense. Maybe next time.

Hi all what would you think of this line up? Possible replacements are Wu +11, Mist +9, Kelile +11 and Merlin 4.68. Would appreciate any feedback thanks!

More comfortable with 4* tourney.

Thinking of going with this. Any advice is welcome tho.


You have three healers and one riposter, but only Li Xiu actually has an offensive special (and she doesn’t hit hard!) I would drop Boldtusk for Colen, your Colen is +11 - good chance of reviving with the Fighter talent. And you still have Sabina and Melendor for healing.

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