⚔ [14 Jun, 2020] - 60th Raid Tournament - 4* Rush Attack, All Elements

If they fire with Rigards attack up could be pretty devastating!!


I keep changing my mind for this but I think I’m happy with what I now have


I’m with this one and is this work ?

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Sorry if you get matched with me, then.

My team:


This will be my defense:


colen is still squishy, two matches and he is dead against blue team

Not at +20, he isn’t.

1st Draft…

Other options…

@Olmor, I think Gullinbursti as tank is shine in this tournament, because HP boost +att and there are no slow 4* heroes purple. My Bursti is not yet maxxed, maybe next turney.
Goodluck everyone :+1: :muscle:


What is his def in your setup?

With no elemental restrictions I think I’m better off just maxing emblems on the field over maximizing value of the very fast aspect of the tournament, so I’ll likely put out:

Caedmon +18 (atk)
Tiburtus (possibly Costumed) +11
Boldtusk +18 (def/hp)
Proteus +17 (def/hp)
Grimm +17 (atk)


Ahhh… 4* no restrictions @ very fast! Should be fun! I’m not even close to sure why defense I’ll be using yet. I’m going to look at my roster and make sure i have at 3 least of each color ready to go on attack as needed. I have the heroes. I mean getting some Emblems on a few more, or maxing a costume
Fwiw- is there a place (link) that I can find hero cards of fully maxed costumed heroes?

This should work. But no emblems if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Thx man for linking me.

I think LittleJohn with mana slow down is one of the best tanks here…LiXiu is good too but in rush attack -20% mana is only 1.3 tile…bit weaker as normal…but still good as it delays at least 1 move.

Healers are stronger in rush attack than usual. Glad I can use Kiril costume for def down…well Colen and HuTao, LiXiu have nasty effects.

This is my lineup…but usually I don’t go above B rating in 4*…think I might change Colens troop though.

Another strategy for Rush attack is to go defence down-heavy…though having Buddy+7, Grimm+10 and Gormek+10…Costume Tiburtus…yikes


of course, you’re my defense brainstorming buddy :wink: that looks like a good one. Colen at +7 is also pretty deadly with the revive chance (alas, my Colen is only +2 so he needs to stay in wing if I use him at all…)

Have you considered Proteus in place of Hu? I know I usually don’t endorse him on defense, but I was thinking rainbow. although, Hu does hit all and that blind is crazy annoying, and it makes attackers have to choose between Li and Hu.

After reading through the thread and your comment (healers being more useful than normal), and considering @IvyTheTerrible 's opinion that choosing highly-emblemed heroes might be better than choosing slowies…

I’ve reconsidered my defense to this:


from this:

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this is my line up…

I feel with these very fast tourney, people bring cyprian in purple stack against yellow tank; same with red tanks people will bring Boril in blue stack, so I try to avoid yellow and red tanks for this type of tourney because the slow heroes tend to be aoe insta-suicide against Riposte.


thanks for that observation! Maybe I’ll put Rigard in center then, hmm…

No, this is fantastic!!! It’s exactly what I am looking for!!! Ty so much @IvyTheTerrible you’re a good egg!

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Please feel free to share any information, opinions, alternative hero selection, etc as I am looking for that kind of input! Ty in advance!
1ST DRAFTScreenshot_20200614-122531
Other hero options


I have gullinbursti but he’s at 1.01 so he’s out for this week.
Thanks again for any input

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I’m kind of torn on this one… here are the two options I’ve come up with:

image image

Chef Boldtusk should charge faster in this tourney as I have him at +20 for the mana node… big 37% heal but only +30% attack vs. regular Boldtusk, be he charges faster. He’s very durable so I’m thinking if he pops that heal once or twice it will give the rest of the team a chance to lay down some hurt.

Otherwise, cRigard has a +48% attack bonus, but his heal takes some time to kick in, so if someone gets him close to dead with tiles and he fires, they can still take him out with tiles more easily than Boldtusk (I think?).

Other options: Little John or Colen in the middle, but I think they’d die too fast, and they’d be firing without any attack boost. Also, Little John is the closest I can come to psychological warfare since he’s a bit like Telluria. :wink:

Or crazy option: I have three Proteus+19… throw a couple of those in there and stop the enemy team’s mana, but I’m not confident my damage output would be sufficient if I did that.

Good gaming!


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