1 Tome and 1 Blade, and too many heroes to max

Right now I have only 1 Tome and 1 Damascus Blade, but I have 6 tonics and 6 scopes and a lot of great heroes to max

I don’t really have any specific needs, I just want to max the best overall hero

Here’s all my options. I can only max one right now. Should I max one of these guys or wait to see if anything more obvious becomes available?

I already have one Vela maxed. The one shown is a duplicate.

Heimdall gets my vote

Nice. Thank you. He is one that is on the top of my list

Current maxed greens and blues. One consideration I had was maxing Mother North even though I have Alberich to put more Druid emblems on Vela. I also wouldn’t mind maxing Heimdall even though I have Telluria. Could provide great depth or different options as things change.

That’s why I’m just asking for the best hero overall to max next

As you dont have a maxed Miki I personally would max Tarlak so you have a 5* titan damage booster.

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How are you doing on the Titan front?

If you need help there, I’d say go for either Tarlak or Miki. (I personally suggest Miki).


Didnt spot miki in the line up. Max him!!!


If you “mono” would say Zeline in green.
Blue - too many options. Lepus is fantastic.

Between Miki and Tarlak would say go for Miki if you decide to max a titan hero. Have both maxed and both are not used outside titan and events.

I use Miki and tarlak and Ranvir all at 3/70 for titans depending on color or the titan. I do pretty well because I have strong heroes in each color and can craft useful items. i.e. tornadoes, time stops, titanium shields, etc.

Miki will be maxed one day.

I am just leaning more towards overall usage and depth and possibly replacing regular usage of some of the heroes I’ve shown that are already maxed. Maybe resetting and moving emblems around.

That is really nice army you have there. congrats on that. There are several heroes deserving to be maxed. With no specific urgent need i would probably decide between:

Locke: only green 5 star cleanser, insane DOT, insane tile damage, I like her and which I had her, when facing in raids, I take care she does not go off…

Zeline: amazing special…

Snow White: She is for fun, if you can build the right team around her. Then she is a mass murderer. I wanted to ascend mine, but pulled costume Magni and will do him first… Faced her in a raid, could not kill her in time as the severely emblemed telly tank refused to die… she casted her special and it was game over…

The squirrel: the animal is underrated, as many consider his secondary effect weak. But hey, an average 5 star healer… So if there is any need for that, the squirrel may be an option…

Tough choice! Let us know who you picked and why.

Cool! So, we can forget about these titan heroes for now.
Then focus on ascension in the following order depending on your requirements.

  1. Snipers
  2. Support Heroes such as Def Debuff, Elemental debuff, Mana control etc.
  3. Healers

If you have enough #1, go to #2.
If you have enough #2, go to #3. (Placing healers at the bottom of priority because Heimdall at 3/70 works amazingly well - speaking from experience.

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I think I’m leaning more towards war depth and kinda looking ahead to who could stand the test of time or could become more useful as the gameplay shifts over the coming months

I think you should prioritize whether you need to do better in Titan or Raid/War defense.
If you want to improve Titan score, you would probably see sniper or supporter can be prioritized.
Miki, Snow White, Talak Hiemdall, Ratatosk, etc.

If you want to improve Raid/War defense, you may have look through your rosters that you are lacking of

  • Sniper
  • Area hitter
  • Supporter
  • Or healer

Then you will able to decide.
Nothing is right or wrong

If I had your problem, I would have been blessed by SG. :grin::grin::grin:.
Till the date no s2 or s3 5* for me. :joy::joy:
Me having 25 maxed 5* in my 2 years play.
I hope you will get more and more dblades and tomes for those Heros.
GL. :blush:
You need Tarlak for blue titans at the moment.
Mikky for Red titans.
Your offence team is good.
At the moment in my point of view you need good titan teams.

In that case, go for Alasie: in line with my sniper recommendation.
She is the go-to sniper for many top players. She is not going anywhere anytime soon.


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Just to throw another problem into the mix, i got a dart yesterday and one today. Now I have 6 darts. So I can max a yellow if I only had more blades and tomes.

Here’s my maxed yellows,

And here’s the candidates for yellow

However, I believe Drake will be available next Atlantis. I like the green and blue choices better overall, so I’d probably max a green or blue now and save the darts for Drake next month.

My titan scores are solid against 12* and 13* titans and my alliance only goes against a 14* if it’s a rare one. So I’m going to rule out Miki and Tarlak for right now, but they’re high up in the queue. As we get stronger and start taking down 13-14*s, I’m gonna focus on those guys.

I’ve narrowed it down to Heimdall, Zeline and Mother North. I know I have Telluria and Alberich, but things change a lot in this game and I would have no problem maxing any one of those for depth or changing out one for the other or using them together.

Finished maxing Heimdall for my green and decided and just got another tome today and went Miki for the blue.