Help ... whom to max

I started to play a few months ago, and now finally are close to max my first 5* heroes.

Plan is, cause ascension items are rare, to choose ones, usable for offense and defense purposes.

Red: choice between Grazul, Guardian Kong, Azlar and Marjana, i plan to go for Grazul, which could be used as Tank and on offense

Purple: Hel, Domitia and Obakan - i think Hel is the obvious choice

Yellow: Vivica, but not sure, if she is worth it, or waiting for Joon, maybe Zeus or even Neith might be better

Blue: Miki at 70, but dont want to max him/her, will wait for Magni or Misandra, had no luck with Finley

Green: Alberich, Kingston or Liana… before Kingston i was sure, i’ll go for Alby, not so sure now.

Planned defense team:
Actual possible
with plan for something like

So 3,5 actual questions regarding whom to ask:
1.) Alby or Kingston? (or Liana)
2.) Grazul or Marjana? (or Azlar or Guardian Kong)
3.) Vivica or wait? (keep in mind she is Cleric, as Grazul)
4.) (And i think its no) Miki worth it or wait?
Keep in mind i Just have the option to max one each colour so far, Hel is for purple quite good, i guess.

Opinions would be nice.

Do you have the ascension items to max these 5*s?

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I could max one 5* each colour more or less (one potion for green Missing)

Alby for green, Hel for purple, Grazul for red and wait for yellow.
What star titans are you fighting? Miki is the best titan specialist, imho. You won’t regret maxing him but you will still need a blue hero who is good everywhere.

I vote Kingston over alby.

Titans are up to 9*, i have almost no problems with him, but yes, Miki is great.

Wait wait. Do you have 30 war-ready heroes? Maxing all those 5s at once is going to tie you up for a long time. Maybe deepening your 4* bench while working on 1 5 at a time would be more efficient.


Red: I think Marjana is a better choice than Grazul here, especially if you are planning on running Grazul as your tank. Grazul is really really good, but is a support hero with a pretty specific role and I think should probably be your second or third maxed red. Her heal is pretty minor so she is really all about the immunity she provides, but on defense that window is so short that it’s easy for the offense to wait out. I want a tank to really punish the offense for sinking tiles into it, and Grazul is a pretty safe place to dump tiles.

Yellow: it seems to me that Joon or Neith would both be worth waiting for over Vivica, but there is no guarantee you’ll get either of them. If you don’t have any other yellow projects to work on in the meantime then there’s a chance you’ll have wasted a lot of time and resources and still be in the same boat in a month and a half. I sure know I didn’t get any of the specific heroes I was hoping to pull through July and August this year!

Blue: I assume you aren’t fighting super powered titans since this is your first set of 5*s you’re maxing, and if that’s the case Miki is fine at 3.70. I would definitely wait for a more generalist option.

Green: Alberich makes sense in the context of your defense team. I can’t really say what the falloff from him to Kingston on defense will be, in terms of wins and losses, or what the net effect on offense would be in the opposite direction. They will have very different jobs, but I don’t think there is a bad choice there.


I guess my 4* bench is kinda ok (along with 5* on 70):
With exception of Guardian Kong, and Domitia, all 5* heros mentioned above are before last ascension, additional to
Red: BT, Colen, Lancelot (+Azlar, Grazul, Marjana,)
Blue: Kiril, Sonya, Grimm (+Miki)
Green: Kashhrek, Caedmon (+Alby, Liana, Kingston)
Yellow: Wu Kong, Jackal, Hu Tao (+Vivica)
Purple: Merlin, Cyprian (+Obakan, Hel)

Thats 23 so far, along with 20 maxed 3* (filler there), but lacking 4* options there, as soon as i get Wilbur, Proteus, Hansel, Gretel, Falcon, Peters, i’ll Level them, right now options would be Rigard or 2nd Grimm, but i dont see a lot of sense Here.


Hel is a no-brainer.
Miki does his job well at 3/70 against 8-9* titan, so no rush to max him if you fight titan lower than that

The other 3 colors kinda goes with each other. If you go with Grazul, i would go with Kingston and would wait on yellow.
If you go for Marjana, i would go for Vivica and Kingston
If you go for Alby, i would go with Marj and wait for yellow.

The choices, imo are between Kingston vs Alby and Grazul vs Vivica.
Kingston + Grazul would be mine. Vfast healer/cleanser + hitter/debuffer, can’t really go wrong with that

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Rigard for sure.

Marj since you have BT. A fast snipe that can tank if necessary is good to have.
Viv is great but you lack yellow hitters so I’d wait on using mats for yellow.
Hel for the win.
Miki is fine at 3/70 for now.

Green is the problem color. Each of your choices plays a pivotal role in some way. You can’t go wrong really. Roll the die… if you get a 1,2 go alby; 3,4 go Kingston; and 5,6 go Lianna. Lmao.


@Math4lyfe I should have did that for my greens lol!

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Alby, Hel, I’m partial to Marjana and Vivica unless you have another healer. Do you have any other healers to max? I don’t remember if you mentioned blue heroes.

Blue there is Just Miki and i dont want to max, Kiril is also available, along with BT.
So for the ones, giving Marjana the favor over Grazul, tank there should be Hel i guess, correct?

Right now something like
Alby/Kingston - Kiril - Hel - Vivica - Marjana ? There it should be Kingston then, i think.

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I’d go Marj and Hel, wait for more yellow options and it’s a tough one between King/Alby/Lianna

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Beside from the fact, that im not sure about Hel as tank, what is the reason for Marjana over Grazul?
Marjana is already good at 3/70, and Togue Emblems do good on Jackal.
Grazul, on the other hand, feels kinda meh at 3/70, altough against certain decks already nice for offense.