Ascend miki or not if i have a max tarlak

Well as i thought it will, my first ever hotm is miki and i already have a max tarlak. Now what should i do? I have the scopes but i dont know if he worth maxing out.
We are hitting 10 star titans now. My maxed legend roster is

Red azlar, marjane
Blue magni
Green tarlak
Yellow leonidas, vivica
Purple sartana, domitia.

I also have kahgan 3.70,posiedon 3.70, thoth amun 1.1, justice 3.70,quintas 1.1
And dups sartana, marjana, quintas,khagan,viv,justice

My biggest thought is, becuase i have max tarlak maybe i should wait for another classic blue like isarnia or Richard to use my scopes on rether miki. He is 95% for titans and 5% for pvp.

Any suggestions will be welcome

When I see your roster Mikki will be in every raid against red tanks and he will be better than tarlak on every titan-color except blue. I‘d go for him simply because your roster is so thin but you can also use his potential at 3/70 for some time and wait for around 10+ scopes and then ascend him if nobody else arrives.


I’d be inclined to hold onto your telescopes. Miki and Tarlak are very similar; they are a bit different, but basically serve the same role in the team. You’re at a stage where getting some depth in function is more important – as you say, Isarnia or Richard would create more team depth.


I have right now 10 scopes so unless i get a blue hero from tc20 i may go for maxing him simply cuz as u said i have such a thin roster as a C2P player.
It will take me a few weeks to get him to that point and i have 2 tc20 running so we will see.

I’d hold if I were you. Miki is an upgrade on titans for sure, but not as significant in your situation as another blue 5* would be.

I’ve got maxed Tarlak as well, Miki isn’t even on the radar for leveling – scopes to Alice and Frida first in my case.

The question is: how would you expect those heroes? Tc20?
If so getting a specific hero (like Isarnia, which probably would be the more useful for you right now) could be a very long story.

In this case and if you already have Wilbur, i would say go on and max him.

Are you complete for war with extra options? You can always max a solid Blue 4* while waiting for another Blue 5*.

If you get a dupe Magni, run straight to 4-80… :wink:

Since you have a maxed Tarlak, I would say hold the phone on the telescopes. Wait for a dupe of Magni, or even Richard. Miki will still be pretty good against Titans at 3-70 and that silencing will be handy.

Yes i am i have more then 25 maxed epics. Including 2 grims, sonya, boril, triton, kiril. So i am ok with stacking blues. I will take him to 3.70 and till then will reevaluate the situation again. Thanks

Yep i am running tc20 to get my classic once every few month i am doing a 10 pull with gems i saved. So yeah getting one of those blue heroes can take a while for sure in the last 9 month i got only magni. I got a max wilbur already and a maxed grimm 19 emblems so i got a solid def debuffer. I learnt that i need to wait and see, i will use him on titans when he will be 3.70 and decided if it worth to max him or not.

That’s a really good idea.

But in your shoes i would probably ascend him :wink:

@Gryphonknight has a “no regrets” rule that I’ll invoke here: if you suddenly got [great hero], would you regret having just used your [ascension materials] on someone else? So Gryphonknight would only ascend Miki if he had 12 telescopes.


My rule is the moment you ascend a hero u should be happy u are going to have another legend maxed, i am not regreting… If he was an awful hero like G owl then it was a no brainer i would not max him for sure, but in his case it is a dilemma. As i said time will tell.

My alliance hits 12*s. The members who have miki all noted new high scores.

Miki will not work against the thunder unicorn, because it reflects blue, use tarlak instead against the thunder unicorn and a mono green with peter. If you use miki, miki will silence himself.

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