⚔ [03 Oct, 2021] - 128th Raid Tournament - 3* Buff Booster, All Elements

:spiral_calendar: Schedule

Preparation Phase Begins Battle Phase Begins Rewards Distributed
(08:00 GMT)
(08:00 GMT)
(08:00 GMT)

:no_pedestrians: This Week’s Restrictions & Special Rule

:fire: :leaves: :snowflake: :sun_with_face: :new_moon_with_face:
Elements Allowed
:superhero: :star2:
Hero Rarities Allowed
:person_fencing: :star2:
Troop Rarities Allowed
:fire: :snowflake: :leaves: :new_moon_with_face: :sun_with_face:
No Fire/ Red
:three: :star:
or lower
:two: :star:
or lower

:dizzy: Special Rule: Buff Booster

Each buffs adds an attack multiplier!

:timer_clock: History

=> Most Recent Occurrence of This Format: ⚔ [14 Feb, 2021] - 95th Raid Tournament - 3* Buff Booster, All Elements

Defense teams for the top 10 finishers last time (Thx @Randy for collecting it):

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:left_speech_bubble: Before, During & After the Tournament: Share & Discuss Your Teams, Thoughts, Feedback, and Questions!

:speaking_head: Some topics to start off with:

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  • Do this week’s restrictions on hero/troop rarity and elements make your bench depth better or worse suited to this Raid Tournament than Regular Raids?
  • Are there heroes you’re likely to use for this Tournament that you normally don’t make use of anymore?
  • Are there heroes you plan to power level for this Tournament, or level before the next time a Tournament like this one rolls around?
  • Do Costumes affect your team selection at all?
  • What are you thinking about using for your Defense Team?
  • Are there heroes you expect to see on Enemy Defenses that you think you’ll have a harder time dealing with than usual because of the restrictions or special rule in this Tournament?
  • Which of your heroes will you be likely to use on your Attack Teams?
  • Will the restrictions or special rule of this Tournament change your usual approach to color stacking or team building?
  • Are there elements of this week’s Tournament that are unclear to you?
  • Do you have feedback on the Tournament matchmaking?

:clipboard: Defense Team Tracking

Hat tip to @wineybrit for originating this thread idea with the second Raid Tournament

Click for suggestions on information to include in Defence Team Tracking
  • Which day of the Tournament is it?
  • How may times have you been attacked today, and in total?
  • What is your Defense Team’s win/loss record today, and in total?
  • What Defense Grade does your Defense Team have?
  • Which heroes make up your Defense Team?
  • What is the Team Power of your Defense Team?
  • What is your current Tournament Score and Ranking?

:gem: After the Tournament: Share Your Results & Rewards!

:world_map: Log & Guide to Raid Tournaments

A Log of past Tournaments, and an overview of how Raid Tournaments work, including Special Rules and Restrictions, Attacking, Matchmaking, Defense Grade, Scoring, and Rewards.

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I like this one . I think i will use something like


Three fast speed hitters. Two of them providing negative effects like blind and mana cut. The other fast speed dispelling enemies. On the other hand the slower ones are there to protect and buff the others.

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So many new 3* heroes were rolled out since the last time this all element buff booster came out. Pretty sure Gunnar will be a mainstay again though. Unless someone wants to show off their limit broken Dolgoon.


For me it’s relatively easy: my limitbroken 3*, so:



(Grevle needs to be leveled, but the 3* aren’t that hungry, so that’ll be done before the tournament starts)

(Ow, still need to level gunnar too, only did his costume)


1st Draft

2nd Draft

3rd Draft

4th Draft

Which one do you think is best ? :slightly_smiling_face:

  • 1st Draft
  • 2nd Draft
  • 3rd Draft
  • 4th Draft

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I also have Carver+20 (no LB) and LB C Hawkmoon+20

Looking forward to it!


I think I’ll be using this, I’m a bit worried it’s a bit slow and I will max all beforehand. What do people think?

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The Magic Slayers defense. Not sure if it will be any good, but I’m always willing to try out new heroes :grin:


I think it should be ok with Gunnar sharing damage and Bauchan slowing down the opponent. But no healers?

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Ah good point, I may need to swap Bauchan for Hawkmoon

Thinking this…


Gonna give the 3☆ Slayers a try. Might replace Valen with Frosty … thinking it will give them more time to get going.


Bro, that is the same lineup I was going with. Same heroes, same positions.

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I’ve been a bit unsure what to do. My best tank choices of buffs are probably Gunnar, Grevle or By Ulf.

Both Grevle and Gunnar are LB but not levelled for the extras yet. Whereas in Blue I have both LB and fully leveled Nordri+20 and Gato with some emblems too.

Currently I am siting with

But I’m definitely open to suggestions :thinking:

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Will Slayers stacks count as buffs?

Yes, they are counted as buffs.


I just edited the title, since this tournament is now confirmed. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure who I’ll use on defence…

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I saw, thx. I have removed the warning from OP too.

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Probably this team, maybe a switch between Bauchan and Gunner :thinking:


I’ll stick with the same defense and we can compare notes on how our respective defenses performed

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