Zocc – 5* Nature/ Green - August 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Foreseeable future?
Bao yang, purple tank zulag, glenda, and reuben.
All 4 are nice.

Far as Zocc. Hes totally average nothing special

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He is ok, a nice 3star hero for certain tournaments, like Pixie, oh he is a 5star :rofl:


As he gives mana , which is terrible against monks and clerics, he should be fast or do 2oo% more damage to compensate .

His skill should have been an attack + an ailment that gives 5o% mana at the start of target’s turn + mindless attack . so if resisted, the target gets no mana.

That hotm is very risky and has average speed… imo he is terrible in comparison with hansel or merlin…


he even can line up behind Peters (who is still supirior to Merlin “the lame”, who has no spots in the game, not even in super fast holy forbidden 4star tourny) imo. :pensive:
PS: Hansel is the best for raid and war offense, even against boring TGV-defenses. Shutting down spezials is the best skill on offense, but not at average speed :slightly_smiling_face:
PPS: they buffed Lanzelot, still a loser, so why not Merlin? he goes down by 3 slash attacks, no speed, no skill, not d, no health, the real Merlin wasnt like that :roll_eyes:


I think he is a heroe that needs a very good control of timing. If he attacks Alfrike with half full of mana, Alfrike gets 300% of damage which won’t be enough to kill her. Then Alfrike will hit three times in a row against her own teammates. I doubt any team can survive Alfrike’s hits three times in a row. Si It would be devastating.
But if you miss the timing, you may not be using him at all to avoid targetting a healer. So only very experienced players will find him useful.


Very slow hero like alfrike never fire unless on tank and then you go holy anyway, or use proteus-Hansel-Gretel-whatever, even the Queen laughs at her face. A real poor hotm, can’t be convinced otherwise :smile:

Zook males Alfrike even less useful. Zook would be a very good option if there were a lot of overpowered slow 5 status heroes with devastating force. But that’s not the case.
Zook is only an option when Proteus-Hansel_Gretel are too weak to survive a hit. So I would only use him at events with no healers among the targets.
And in very fast tournaments.

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You are too nice, searching for a spot for him, i think cause he looks so cute (next valor we will get his avatar :grinning:), but he is weak, i see more spots for, hm hm … Noor :rofl:

I have two green five status heroes to rise so, nop, I will hope to not get him at all. Plus I already have Telly. So no need for Zook.

Even if these are 2 Ratatoskr you will be better off. Had the same thought about Salvatore, äh Diego, no, Raffaele, happy i did not get him :smile:

You’re right — there is life beyond the trinity of War, Raid and Titan …

Margaret, Locke, Hansel, Peters, Lady of Lake, etc mixes with this guy could absolutely pankcake some events - Hope the F2P folks can grab him if desired

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I have a question: Would you ascend rather him or Lianna? I finally got Lianna from TC20 after 1 year of running three of them and I am closing to 3/70, having Tonics, Tome and Damascus. Now on green I have Greg, Heimdall and Kadi that are fully ascended, and Elkanen + Horghall that are not (just ignore Horghall please). I am kinda light on fast snipers, so Lianna would be nice.

So I would like to know whether I can ascend Lianna now or just wait until the end of the month in the off-chance I grab this goblin Sora.

If I’m misreading/misunderstanding what your talking about I appologize but there is a 5 star hero that can do what the 4 star hero Merlin can do…that hero is Alfrike. Her ultimate can apply to all 5 of the enemy heroes if you get lucky but…generally…you’ll at least hit 2-3. Granted her ability is at a VERY SLOW mana speed but if you have a lvl 30 mana troop…it makes it much more viable to use on defense/offense teams imo.

For sure, do Lia.

Today I ascended Marja and not Santa, not Baldur, not Grazzy #2, not Noor and not Elena…

All the fast S1 snipers are worth the mats and not every new hero will be better. Luckily…


So the guy is a veggie that resists water… :rofl:


Zocc either needs to be fast speed to compensate for that dumb 50% mana boost handicap, or that handicap needs to be scrapped because in his current state you’re taking a pretty big risk using him against monks and clerics, and there are some pretty commonplace heroes in each class (Wu, Li Xiu, Joon, Drake, Jabberwock, MoNo, Ariel, Kunchen, Viv, cLianna, Rigard).

Not the worst by any stretch but he is definitely very ho-hum and not worth summoning for specifically.

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Thanks, felt it the same way, but wanted second opinion. Will ascend Lia then.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding his special, but is the 50% mana boost a handicap? I thought it was to get the target that much closer to firing a mindless attack.


Yes that’s what it’s supposed to do, except if you use it against monks and clerics and they withstand/manashield, you’ve basically just gave them free mana to help them charge faster. And it’s not like there’s a lack of monks and clerics you see on defenses. Hence why I said handicap.


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