Zila Lei or Sapphire for Emblems?

So, I have Zila Lei at +14 and was going to put more emblems on her, taking her to +18 or higher but then yesterday I got Sapphire, who is also a Rogue.

Now I will max Sapphire but my question is, should I strip Zila Lei of the emblems for Sapphire? My only other Ninja is Ametrine who is at about +17

If it helps, this is my roster:

Of course, none of them are on my defense, they would all be for offense (be it raids, wars or events and missions).
Any input is appreciated, especially if yo uhavexperience with either or both

Zila Lei is a pretty bad hero IMO. 185% on just two enemies is laughably weak and wings are positioned awkwardly for the defensive down.

Sapphire is way better.

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I dont have Zila Lei and haven’t fought against her. But I do have a +19 Sapphire who is deadly and I love the chance to bypass counterattack etc.

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I have a Sapphire+18, and I realized I pretty much never use him (her?) outside of challenge events, and even then rarely. The main issue with Sapphire is (s)he is a pure damage dealer without any secondary effects. Sure the chance to bypass buffs/counterattacks is nice, but unlike big brother Cobalt, (s)he just doesn’t quite do enough damage to really be game changing IMO. For the same 10 tiles required to get to x2 charge, I’d much rather use my Grimm+18, whose -34% defense drop I value much much more.

Once I have Griffin and Zila Lei maxed out in the next few weeks, I’ll be resetting Sapphire and embleming them up instead.

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A bit late to the party lol and I’m sure you decided already. Sapphire is a glass canon but on par with killhare (a highly sought after hero) when it comes to damage. I went attack defense in her talent grid. For my level in game play ( good roster of 5* ) I use her for challenges and events. And for fun, I use her in a team of 4* … Against 5* :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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