Next rogue emblems

So just put node 19 on Griffin so it’s time to start on the next one.

Choices are


Poll added for ease, but if anyone wants to give some reasoning it’d be welcome, especially if you vote neither. Thanks.

  • Zila Lei
  • Wren
  • Neither are worth them

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Here’s both of mine at +19 for comparison

Do you have another Raven (like Franz) whom you can pair Wren with? The family bonus has a chance to make Franz’s ailment uncleansable


voted Wren because the special is more intriguing… also, Zila Lei’s defense down is good, but fairly common (Grimm, Gormek, Tibs…)

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Thanks guys.

@Liam_K No Franz unfortunately, my other COK heroes are Bertulf (think he is Wolf) and I do have the purple 3* healer that is a raven. I may need to look at LB her possibly to have in the combo

@sleepyhead One of my thoughts actually was Zila to be in same team as Grimm to get the drop on all. Still not properly played about with it though to see if it works.


Ah that’s a good one, Zila and Grimm do combine well! An AOE would make that pairing work really well too

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Yep, planning for future tournament attack team with Zila, Grimm and Sapphire/ Jott

However Wren does just look fun

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how about splitting the emblems? It looks like you will have use for both!


Zila probably works better with a cKiril and cGrimm setup

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So seems like Wren is the clear winner from the poll. Neither got a lot more votes than I’d have thought. I like @sleepyhead 's suggestion of splitting too, so I’ll get Wren as far as mana node first and then start on Zila.

Thanks for taking the time to vote forum folk :smiley:

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My 19 emblemed wren is super fun. Have 2 zilas but don’t use her much

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