Emblems.... Khiona or Inari?

Inari will be at 4 80 this week. Khiona has 5 emblems. Will I rob her in favour of Inari?

Got kunchen 12 and maxed Panther Sartana Seshat

And Victor at 4 38.

Holy I got Delilah 12 joon rana vivica drake and ranvir.

I think dark won’t suffer much. Is this a wise decision?

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I have a similar roster, honestly for myself I wouldnt chose either. I maxed jackal and i am holding onto the overflow till an OP rouge comes along.
If you have rigards costume (you seem to be a whale so this is an assumption) khionas skill is almost obsolete on your purple stack ( if that’s your play sytle) in which case I’d chose Inari for a tiny bump. Otherwise id just leave them where they are.

Both good choices but pick one, don’t split the emblems between them. Take one of them to tier8 which gives a mana break if you have lvl17 mana troop, charging the hero in 9 tiles. My rogue emblems went to khiona and I like her a lot. I just chose def/hp all the way as she gives herself big attack boost anyways, plus mana troop is weighted towards attack.

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I would keep them on Khiona, though she isn’t on the top of my list for them either.

Inari isn’t well suited for them. You never want to have her as your last hero alive. You can’t heal and you cant damage your opponent without feeding them mana so it ends up being a slow suicide.

Khiona is my pick. I have neither but seems she benefits most from emblems

Well no you wouldn’t want Inari to be your last hero alive but that’s not how she’s used anyways. She’s used like a support hero, in a 3/2 stack. You’d bring like Evelyn, Kingston, Lianna as your killers and if you get green, you just win. And if you need some time to help get green you would use yellow for Inari and maybe drake or something, vivica, something that helps you get there. Just as an example. Giving Inari rogue emblems has some merit. She already dodges specials a lot, giving her rogue talent could be great fun :joy:

Khiona is pretty sweet with emblems. I don’t have any other rogues but she’d prob get them anyways.

Yeah, I maxed Inari right after she came out. I used her with Drake and it was nice to be invincible for a few turns.

However, when things went bad, more times than not, Inari was the one left standing and it is just about pointless if it gets to that. Inari now enjoys playing on purple titan and yellow “B” team.

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I’ve read about the rule of one, i.e. giving most emblem able giving the heroes that first step then worry about concentrating fire. I don’t know how it would work here. opinions???

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