Dastardly Rogues

So trying to plan out my rogue emblems.

I have my full attack Jackal at +19 and I just put node 8 on Domitia to get the mana point.

The cost for the 20th doesnt seem worthwhile for jackal currently, and Domitia is on my secondary purple stack so I’m not in a rush to put lots on her.

I have however recently finished both Sapphire and Peters. Both of whom seem good candidates for emblems.

Is there one of those 2 youd work on first or just continue with Domitia?

Leaning towards Sapphire but unsure

Yeah probably Sapphire out of those. Both good though

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Dont have Peters though. But even if I did, I’d still give them emblems to the ninja.


Very nice. I assume the thinking is the same as jackal that defence is so low anyway that the boost available. Wouldnt make live much longer so attack, attack, attack

My Sapphire+19 is a hero who has the highest attack stat among my blues, higher than my Snow White+18. Will ascend a 2nd Sapphire after I finished my current blue project.


That and just the power they bring in attack via tiles even if they die.

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