Zeline still viable?

Debating ascending zeline, I also have telly waiting for tonics but I have heimdall and since nerf I don’t know about telly. I also pulled Yunan. My current defence is seshat gm heim snowwhite drake, I sit comfortable around 2700 cups.

Other green options are
Costume kadilen
Atomos (lol)

YES, Zeline is more than viable. I probably would take her over Telly

But Costume Kadilen…would give anyone trouble when considering which green to ascend


Zeline was my first maxed green, and now after maxing some more (Evelyn, Morgan, Telluria, Kingston), I can still recommend her. Fast dispell with fast attack debuff are easily accessible game-changers for all kinds of PVP battles. She used to make a great flank, that kind of fell off the radar after green tanks became a thing, but all live by the hope that may change, and if we ever have a red tank meta, Zeline makes an even better flank.

But that said, you have other interesting options at hand. Evelyn + Kingston are great combo that somewhat do what Zeline does, but can easily take down an opponent. Although Eve’s dispell and Kingston attack debuff are to 3 only, that is often enough, and Kingston’s damage and much deeper debuff are more effective than what Zeline does.

Costume Kadilen is also interesting option, but that is a support pick, that I wouldn’t go for as one of the first maxed cards.

So in your case I would do Kingston -> Evelyn -> Zeline OR Evelyn - Kingston - Zeline.


I have bk I can run zeline with

Seshat zeline bk vela drake?

Or bring gm in

You could try and experiment with it, but if you have Heimdall - Vela - Seshat - Drake kind of defense, I don’t think improving your defense team should be your priority in maxing heroes… Focus on offense, titans, war stacks etc. That defense probably keeps you over 2500, maybe even 2600 cups easily. New one would probably achieve the same, and even if a bit better, I don’t think that’s worth the time.

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Zeline is awesome. You will definitely want to level her at some point. If I were you, I’d do Evelyn first though. You get the dispell, elemental defense down, and a decent hit on 3 enemies. Telluria is still great post-nerf, but Heimdall is a solid tank, so there’s no rush to max her. I’d go:

  1. Evelyn
  2. Kingston or Zeline, depending on who you can give the most emblems to
  3. A sniper, if you chose Zeline at 2. Both Kingston and Lianna are top-notch. You could also do Gregorion here if you want the crit buff for titans, but he is less usefull in raids.

Going Evelyn, Kingston, Telluria would give you a very solid offensive stack.


First Evelyn…then Kingston or Zeline

Telluria is still best tank in game. If you already have Heimdall maxed then maybe you can wait on Telluria if you want. When you say “Other green options”, do you mean unleveled options or already maxed? B/c I would probably max Evelyn asap

Evelyn telly lianna zeline tarlak kingston all 3/70

All of your green heroes are really good. If Heimdall is maxed and currently your tank, I’d do Evelyn first, then Lianna, Zeline, Telluria, Kingston, Tarlak in that order. If Tarlak is your titan buffer and he’s not surviving well against the titans your team is hitting (depending what level titan), then maybe move him up in prioirity.

Why Lianna over Kingston?

I see that advice a lot and I don’t quite get it.

Kingston offers so much more than Lianna. I understand the sentiment as for the very long time she was the best sniper in the game and a lot of people got used to playing her, but I’d argue Kingston dethroned her completely. Even if his % direct damage is worse, that usually won’t matter when paired with Evelyn, and his attack debuff is the best in game (and to 3!), gives +4% mana gen, resists burn, has better class talents… literally no reason to max Lianna over him, unless you have a tunnel vision for dmg (or maybe a costume for her… which I would still not take over Kingston personally).


Yes I considered this but since Zeline already gives attack down on all, I felt OP could put less priority for Kingston, especially since all of these green heroes won’t be on defense. If you don’t have Zeline, I would probably do Kingston before Lianna. But if you have Lianna costume, then for sure I would do Lianna costume over Kingston. Ultimately, they are all top notch heroes and I don’t think there is one right answer, especially without more context to OP’s roster.

Also, there are situations where Zeline will die debuffing and Evelyn will not (whether because she hits fewer or because she Pierces). Riposte isn’t a huge pare of the defenses OP is likely facing, but it does come up from time to time and is worth factoring in.

OP, I can’t really deduce the state of your roster - you have a lot of strong cards but it isn’t clear if you have a ton of maxed heroes or not. If the latter then I would kind of consider your roster ‘done,’ which suggests this is a luxury pick: either the most fun hero to use or the overall strongest, without regards to fit or need (since you shouldn’t really have many / any needs if your roster is replete with strong maxed heroes).

Zeline is still very viable on offense. She’s one of the only dispel all 5*s, that combined with her attack debuff makes her one of the best utility 5*s in the game.

It’s defense where she has lost a lot of usage. I still think she’s viable there TBH, but she has competition in her class (Guinevere tank + Zeline flank combo was broken) and element (first with Kingston being a combo of Lianna+Zeline, then with Telluria tanking making it unwise to double up on the tank color for defense).

She’s still an awesome hero for defense – a great flank and an actually workable tank if you lack anyone better – but she does face stiff competition.

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I wholeheartedly endorse your statement about Evelyn + Kingston being a dynamic duo. My main offensive team is Kingston, Zim, Kunchen, Grazul, Evelyn. I probably win about 95% of my battles against whatever.

As long as this game still doing buff and debuff then zeline will never be expired.

Between zeline and telluria, telluria seems the best, but because of so many complains about telly, SG now work hard to create many new counter heroes for telly upcoming months ahead.

Seems telly will be made obsolete in the end

My level 80 toons are guin, bk, Snowwhite, mn, heim, gravy, drake, fenrir, guardian gazelle, hel, ursena, vela, jf, kage, marjana, seshat, ariel Some have emblems ofcoarse and level 21-22 troops.

My 3/70 roster is tarlak, Athena, alasie, Alice, Frida, zeline, Evelyn, Vivica costume, kunchen, guardian panther, Clarissa, puss, jabber, Victor, misandra telluria, lianna, Magni, joon, aegir, rabbit, Neith, Elena costume, rumple, elkanen,

3/60 : Inari richard Santa baldur tyr deli and others

Kingston gets a huge bump because JF is completely worthless against him. When King is in someone’s defense, I have to bench my Jean! Good Call.

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