Ascend green or stay tight on mats due to overall roster?

Hi I have a question about my current defense and if I should ascend any of my current 3/70 greens to improve my results. Priority is def but also if possible overall playing results. My current def is Seshat,Zim,Guin,Ariel,Kingston.
Vela could be ascended also.

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i see that your defense is very solid indeed. So id start working on another 5* rainbow team.
You have a solid tank Black knight, a good flank poseidon, Zeline could work well there and kageburado.
Something like that, but seriously i really like your current defense and think kingstone fits well there so no much for improve in my opinion

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I think your defense is good as is. I’d max Tarlak next to boost your Titan scores. Zeline after that to give you a solid debuffer to counter any Aegirs you might run into

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Thank you for your input. So for me it sounds like I should just stay put and gather materials for ascensions

I would actually max Buddy first if it was me, since he’s such a useful 4* green hero.

Consider that the only other green hero that drops defense (and only for Nature attacks and matches) is Evelyn. So Buddy stands as the only general defense dropper in that color.

The advantage of that too is that you only need Sturdy Shields, and you can continue saving up your Tonics.

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Good Idea with buddy. Did not think about that. I am drowning in shields. So this is a Good way to improve my green titan team.

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With Tarlak, Zeline, Lianna, Telluria and MLF all available I cannot see a good reason to wait. I mean, really, what would you be waiting for that isn’t on that list? Maybe only a resurrection hero.

If you have less than ten tonics and are P2W then maybe Heimdall later this month? Only if you do heaps of pulls though, low odds to get a specific s3 5*

Personally I would choose out of Zel, Tel and beach bod, probably Telluria, and get going

So many good to great options

I wouldn’t wait. You won’t be getting any Greens that could help you more. I’d do Tarlak and Buddy to boost your Titan scores

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