Zeline aye or nay

Ive always wanted zeline since ive started playing. Hit all, dispel, attack down, what’s not to like? She was quite prevalent in defences.

I just got her from HA. Now I’m thinking how relevant she is now with all the power creep. I dont see her at all nowadays in defences.

My other maxed greens are evelyn, francine, cristobal, kingston, lianna and telluria. I have 6 tonics. Should i max zeline and her new undergarments??

I would. She’s hot. Plus if you match her with another HOTM family member you get her 10% mana generation elemental link plus there’s a family defensive boost. Love all the combinations with the HOTMs now.


Mine is at +18 and I think she is great. She is useful in most aspects of the game. Maybe her stats are a little outdated for defenses nowadays…

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Zeline is an amazing hero! She was still pretty good even before her buff, but the family bonus and really good elemental link makes her great. I have over 50 maxed 5* heroes, and I have my Zeline max emblemed if that tells you anything. Great drop from the HA!


i love zeline because her hot and se><y art design :heart_eyes:
pleasing to the eyes


Thanks all for replies
Think will max her

Last thing i want is to max a hero and he/she sits on the bench

Ive maxed zeline and she is good!
Fast dispel and attack down to all on a 5* is gold. Thanks for all your advice!

Her base defensive stats are pretty weak (def 688 hp 1300). Given that her special damage is low, is it better to go sword path with emblems? Or go shield/hp to max her survivability?

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imo, her main purpose is not to kill enemies, so bumping attack won’t really help much. even if she’s fast speed, ensuring she survives to go off once can probably even help her survive to go off more than once.

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Kinda depends. I went attack path, but part of the reason I did is because she has great attack stats already, so she in my high attack stat slot for titans. Plus it does help make her hit more substantial. Her attack down helps her survive after the fact. Attack stat if you go full sword path is 899! For an old hero that is great. And it is only a matter of time till she gets a costume.
**EDIT: It does help improve the tile damage/slash attack damage as well.

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