Best DEFENSE Team advice please

Posting for a friend whose looking for advice on setting up his best defense team.

He also has Telly so also trying to decide if she is a better option to Lady of the Lake in his rainbow defense team. Feedback is mixed, hence this post.

Thank you in advance.

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Wars or raids?


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Telluria is arguably the best tank in the game… She’s fun on offense too.

If he had everything maxed, I’d probably go:
Jabber - Rana - Telluria - Vela - JF/Natalya.

Out of what’s already maxed…
There’s only one top tier tank there and it’s Kunchen.
Rana flanks well, Poseidon does too… Then again, Anzogh and Richard/Isarnia can work at flank but you don’t really want any of them on wings. Kingston and Morgan both make good wings but you won’t really want both.

I’d probably forego rainbow temporarily and run something like: Poseidon - Anzogh - Kunch - Rana - Morgan
Strong wings, appropriate flanks, a good tank and secondary healer… And makes good use of emblems where they are now.

Longer term, those emblems are going to want to come off Perseus (who’s pretty useless) and go towards Telluria.


Raids… Not sure on the coloured tanks he uses.

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Poseidon - Jean-François - Telluria - Vela - Jabberwok

(atk/def/hp) Poseidon, Vela, Jabberwok
(def/hp/atk) Jean-François, Telluria


What @FraVit93 suggested is the best defense setup in my opinion as well. I have a similar setup myself with impressive outcome so far.


I appreciate the detailed feedback @BubblesUK. Thanks for your replies @FraVit93 and @TheRealJay. I’m assuming @Rigs agrees with your wisdom too. :+1:


Frav’s will work

Sorry got distracted

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In my honest opinion, if he is running with rainbow defence and he has these heroes on max, I would run with Telluria in Tank position flanked with Vela and Jean-Francois
Good luck

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