You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion

I think than Springvale can be finished by every player with TC13/TC20 and 3 4* healers and Boril) But having this heroes in roster did not helps for winning tournaments or raiding in diamond (helps, but only if roster is deep. If it is an only maxed 4*, it will not help).

So, for me Springvale is a far easier than PoV.

you missed one. win 60 raids at the diamond level for 2200. Oh by the way about 1/2 of the raids you are running up against Telly

Lucky, raids on Diamond is not required to go to PoV level 50)


That was the graphic for PoV 1. Here’s the one for PoV 2

Pay particular attention to the points required.

It is on mine level V of raids. I hope that is the end of the valor challenge

It is. Look at the graphic ^^^^

caution: venting ahead.
SG have really screwed with the Raid game mechanics for POV haven’t they. why are teams below me by 300-350 power constantly defeating me? as if losing 50 trophies a throw wasn’t bad enough, when you ‘revenge’ them, you only gain 11 or 12 back. I’ve been playing for 18 months, on the verge of level 32 and my TP is just shy of 3600. I can only assume SG are trying to spice it up and make platinum/diamond tier even more competitive.

This is why I only revenge 40+ cups. Ever.


Matchmaking in raids is not based on TP of heroes at all but on cups, a 300 cup each way leeway is where your opponents will come within.

Also I quite often beat 300 to 500 plus tp opponents in raids, it isn’t difficult, just learn how to use your heroes and create teams.

Good Luck


and how do you know what teams they attacked you with?

how are they making it competitive by making it easier to defeat stronger opponents? :man_facepalming:

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When my TP is 3300, I constantly beat defense with 3600 TP, especially those with bad defense composition. What is your defending heroes?

@baga because I’m talking about individual raids, not tournament raids. As for my comment about making platinum/diamond tier more difficult, maybe ask me why I think that instead of producing some s**t condescending emoji? The reason I said that was because it will force ex-platinum players down into gold. Ex-diamond players into platinum. And everything will become harder to get back into the same tier.


Anzogh 4/22

Chao 4/70 +7 emblems

Grimm 4/70 +6 emblems

Caedmon 4/70 +6 emblems

Quintus 3/70

Is this the order in which your heroes are placed? If yes, then it’s a terrible defense composition and needs to be rectified. I would suggest putting it like this from left to right - Chao, Grimm, Anzogh, Caedmon, Quintus (or some other purple 4 star who is maxed instead of Quintus).


Yeah for now. My alliance are using blue tanks for war so yes agree it looks bad! I would normally have red tank anyway due to Anzogh’s better def, so as you say from left to right, Chao/Grimm/Anzogh/Caedmon/Quintus.
Closest I’ve got is a purple maxed 3* Oberon who isn’t cutting it at this level.

They should also allow you to use your strongest if you don’t have the requested tank, was is just as much about being strong as it is playing as a team, make your defense use as many if thier flags per team over doing what tank strategy the alliance wants is firstly the upmost important factor here.

A decent alliance will always work on having the same colour tank strategy for every war (meaning it is always a blue tank for example in every war) this way everyone in that alliance can work towards the same goal and build up heroes accordingly, if they are constantly changing tanks for wars then they have NO strategy in place.

Isn’t the one you talk earlier about is raid? Raid and war defense can differ.

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and I am talking normal raids too. how do you know what teams they attacked you with?
I really see no points talking to you any further, unless you answer that question.

PoV1 has been over for more than a month. Can this thread be closed? @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @Rook @DaveCozy


Why yes. :grin:

See here for Discussion of POV #2:

🧭 Second Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts April 6


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