Yet another which Yellow 4/5* to ascend (feat. guin/maloise/white jackall)


I recently managed to pull out some interesting yellow heroes and I have 8 magic balls and 5 poison darts, so I have following options and would like to check with you what is the best one.

  • Fully max my Guin (currently 3*70) and for the remaining 4 magic balls fully ascend Guardian Jackall
  • Fully max White Rabbit from 11 (just pulled him out), and leave Guardian Jackall on 370
  • Fully max Malosi from 11 (just pulled him out), and leave Guardian Jackall on 3*70.

What option would you do? (i have emblemed rigard as a main healer, and using him together with Guin on defense, and would continue using Guin on defense, but the question is whether White Rabitt or Malosi are worth maxing up before Guin and before maxing Guardian Jackall)

Other yellows i do not consider worth the mats:
Justice 370
Wukong maxed
Hu Tao 3
Bane costumed maxed
Li Xiu 246
2 x Mist 1
Chao 1*1

Neither have one of your yellow 5*, but I have a jackal+20.

Jackal must be maxed, no way out. Best yellow 4* IMO

Decide your 5* later, orbs will come soon

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First rule of fight club is to level heros that increase Titan scores. I would take your 3/60 Jackal to 4/70. Jackal is squishy enough at 4/70 let alone 3/60.


Thank you both, just was wondering if rabbit wouldnt better for titans than jackall and more universal?

And i see no love for maloise either haha

Jackal must be taken on every raid with mono or 4-1 his -54 def paired with joon or even malosi is game over for every hero, after jackal i would max malossi just because is very fast

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Jackal is a very good hero. All elemental down heros should get priority when you get them. His buddy Falcon is good as well.


Sounds like you may need to deeper your roster with some solid 4s. I’d put all 5s on the back burner… jackal and mist would be two projects that I would look forward to completing.

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thank you all for kind feedbacl

@Math4lyfe, would you in that case consider maxing out another jackal over mist? i have two of each in total.

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I wouldn’t start doing dupes until you have some other key components maxed. But definitely keep him around :slight_smile:

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