Need Defensive team ideas

Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum and joined mostly because I am hemorrhaging cups every night and can’t figure out my best defense team. Currently I’ve got a line up of (all maxed):
Little John - Chao+7 - Rigard+8 - Grimm+5 - Scarlett+6

Other options include:
Green: Skittleskull+8; Caedmon (3:1)
Purple: Tiburtus (4:24)
Yellow: Wu Kong (4:63); Bane+10
Blue: Kiril+4; Captain of Diamonds (2:14)
Red: Anzogh (3:67); Gormek (1:9); Boldtusk (1:1); Sir Lancelot (1:1)

Second part: Who should be leveled up after Anzogh gets to 3:70 since I’m a few mystic rings short right now?


Hello and welcome to the forums:

Green: finish Caedmon
Purple: finish Tiburtus
Yellow: finish Wu Kong, Reset emblem from bane to Wu Kong or Wilbur if you get later.
Blue: no other *4 blue? 2nd Grimm or 2nd Kiril? then just finish Capt Diamond
Red: Max to tier 3 Anzogh to 3.70, then Finish Boldtusk 1st. then decide later while waiting mats for Anzogh, go for Sir Lancelot, then Gormek.

Alternative defense setup:
Chao+7 - Rigard+8 - Little John - Grimm+5 - Scarlett+6

Because LJ is slow, if on the corner, it will not even fire his special at all.

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I would rearrange the line up,:
Chao and Scarllett as wings,
Iil John and Rigard as flanks
Grimm as tank.
Gormek when levelled to 3/60 woud also be a good tank.
Boldtusk, Caedmon, Wu, Kiril, Tibs, Lance, are good for offense.
The others I’m not too familiar with them.
My 2 cents.
Have fun.

Put Skittles in tank position until you have maxed Anzo and/or Boldie.


Rigs Kiril Skittles Grimm Chao

for now.


Rigs Scarlet Kiril Chao Little J

would be a cool rainbow.


I agree with @jinbatsu about who to level up. Caedmon will be great on a defense team. He debuffs and hits pretty hard as a sniper. I’d also focus on Boldtusk. His attack up helps and he can be a bear to go against in a raid.

Thanks, everyone. I’ll try all these over the next few days and see which works best.

So, of all the suggestions, the following seems to work best:

Chao - Rigard - Skittleskull - Grimm - Scarlett

I’ve also finished leveling Tiburtus and Wu Kong, while Caedmon is in his final ascension with Boldtusk to be there shortly. Once those two get maxed (and emblems since their the first druid and fighter I have), I was thinking the following could be a good defense:

Tiburtus - Chao - Boldtusk - Grimm - Caedmon


Also, here’s who I’m currently working on for each color. I’ve only got two pairs of fine gloves left and am saving them for Proteus and Boldtusk:

Purple: Proteus (Quintus after)
Yellow: Danzaburro (2nd Chao after?)
Blue: Gato (Agwe after)
Green: Caedmon (4:39), (Belith after due to lack of 4* heroes)
Red: Boldtusk (3:52), (Sumitomo or Sir Lancelot after)

This is your best bet! Maybe switch Chao and Tibs slots.

That looks about right. I’d definitely prioritize Proteus. His mana stop is lethal and can really help you control the specials of the other team. Will definitely help out.

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