Yellow war tank: Justice or Delilah?

Who do you think is the best yellow war tank?

  • Justice
  • Delilah

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Feedback is also appreciated!

Depends upon the opponents roster. Personally I can bring a team that wouldn’t care a whole lot if Delilah fires twice. With justice tank I could probably only bring a single purple anyway since double purple would have to be against the Guin’s on the board. Justice usually fires once against me and I hate randomness. I will need to fire something while under the blind.

Edit: Rigard would probably be the purple one here. Relying on charging that before red as killer, probable result if flanked by a green. I can understand being afraid of Delilah too. Someone attacking an opponent 200-300 above them may end up with 0-10 points on a bad board while they would probably have killed Justice and damaged others for 16 points.

Justy for arrows and att boost, Delia for field aid…


Delilah every time. Healing + minions + fighter emblems (defense build) to revive has saved my butt on more war boards than I can count


An affect preventing DMG(Justice’s blind) is greater than a heal plus minion(del), it’s easier for me, stacking, to just do more DMG for the win, however if Im missing a third of the DMG i send it’s really hard to recover, this is true in almost every case, justice being slow is the only reason this isn’t 100% justice, support hero’s would be key to deciding which would be better for you if you had both available. When you stack for dmg, extra health isn’t a problem when certain stacks hit 1400k a tile(3-2 formation)
I can still mana up and count on the DMG with del in tank, bad board with justice specials don’t help


I fear Delilah far more than Guin… even more, Delilah can play all positions while Guin is restricted to tank…


In my opinion, Delilah is a better WAR tank.

To begin with, she is average, instead of slow. Seeing a zero (or really low numbers) against Delilah doesn’t look as something really weird to happen. Justice, on the other hand, will usually be always dead after one flag.

When saying that Delilah is a better war tank than Justice, I am also counting on people using their purples on Guin teams and the such, so going without heavy purple damage against a Delilah or a Justice, usually will be harder against Delilah with good flanks, in my experience. Those extra hit points added by Delilah’s special + the healing is sometimes hard to overcome.

Obviously, we are always counting on bad boards. Who will punish you more? I feel a simple Rigard can heal and cleanse against Justice… Can’t say the same about Delilah myself.

Thanks for the opinions everyone. Keep them coming!

Delilah got a huge bump with her classification as a Fighter. My first goal is to kill a tank with tiles. Consequently a tank will often die with full mana. For Delilah, that means she can revive and cast. Not nice outcomes follow. Once she casts, those minions really take a toll on opposing heroes.

Justice’s attack damage is light, and the hard issue is dealing with the blind. Against Justice I’ll bring a cleanser (Rigard or Zimkitha) but focus my attacks on a dangerous flank.


I tank with Justice and I also lose to her more than I expect.

Not because she’s amazing but because tc20 tanks are often considered meh, I, and hopefully others, think it’s an easy win!


I fear Gwen more than any hero in the game.

Same here.
Hey, only vanillas :sunglasses:
Oops, defeated :grimacing:


I have 6 war flags that will beat del 80% of the time 4 of those 99 percent. There are only so many full cleanse hero’s and I only can go 4 flags at the same efficiency rate against justice. This is a war tank question, more hero’s with better DMG that can fully handle some extra health to smash through. The revive just prolongs the fight IMO. So who would you be able to spend all your flags against most effectively? I’m built for DMG and del is nothing to me I lack cleansers I’m starting to realise lol

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I tank with Justice in wars and she does ok. She is sitting at 80+6 which helps I think. Like anyone she can be one shotted with a good board, but in the war before this one she didn’t get one shotted once and my defense eight 7 or 8 flags over three revives

Having said that, I would definitely attack a Justice tank before a Delilah tank. That mana speed is a crucial differentiator

I had more trouble against Delilah than Justice in tank position. In my 3 purple stack, I have Rigard so I don’t really worry about the blind. Delilah minions are annoying.

Against Guin and 2 purples, I’ll take Delilah, Aeron, Drake, Khiona, and Victor withy too Mana troop on Victor. This team wins 75% of the time.

If there are 0 or 1 purple(s) then I sub GM in for Drake. IMy win percent drops to about 2/3 (66.67%).

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