Delilah tank good or bad?

So have a teammate convinced delilah is a terrible tank, my word and reasoning isn’t enough to convince him otherwise. He actually thinks justice is a better tank.

What do you guys think of delilah tanks?

Dead or annoyingly tough.
Justy is easier to handle.

Captain of Diamonds helps a lot, especially if Delia casted multiple times.


Delilah is a great hero, but as a tank I think she is decent at most. I prefer Justice as tank too, with emblems she can keep you easily in high diamond

If this is for War, you might find this interesting:

Not a ton of votes, but it was 2 to 1.


I don’t think either are either terrible or amazing.

I think I probably lose more to Justice but that might be because I have a tendency to expect Tc20 tanks are a pushover and sometimes they bite back!

I don’t see Delilah as often anymore. Onatel, Guin, Viv and even Ranvir seem to feature more in diamond.

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I think she’s generally thought of as a good tank but performance in wars doesn’t always agree with that thought. She’s a healer that doesn’t effect the opposing team in any real way… minions can be frustrating but only if the board is terrible and you have her firing multiple times (you’re losing to most tanks in these scenarios generally). I think she gets valued decently there because you will see 0s from time to time, which is awesome and hilarious, but generally I see her getting one shot. Fighter emblems have helped her become more of a frustration as well but… yeah… I’d say as good as Ariel, both can win battles but neither is the reason for a loss so they need strong flanks to pull out wins and average to bad boards otherwise they’re generally a tile dump to set up specials.


She’s a good tank up untill diamond


Delilah can revive then immediately heal.

I had an enemy with 3/5 Revive ( 18% ) revive NINE times in a row one tourney.

110% effort

Delilah’s minions can be annoying. 100% HP flanks, and corners, can exceed 100% due to minion HP stacking on top of normal HP.

Unlike defense buff, minions cannot be dispelled.

Unlike defense buff, minions last until destroyed.

Unlike defense buff, additional minions stack up to maximum of 3.

Yellow center

But yellow is not a great center color.

Gryphonkit, my wife, uses Delilah as a flank these days.

Ranger Tiburtus, Sorcerer Sabina, Cleric Rigard, Wizard Proteus, etc. are great at neutralizing yellow centers and their special skills.


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Delilah is the 2nd best tank in a loaded yellow field. Justice, although still a top 5 yellow tank, is not as good as Del. 1st off, she’s faster then Justice (average vs slow). If you can’t kill her fast you can quickly find yourself with everyone being at full health with 3 minions…almost certainly resulting a loss. Added to that is the fact that she is a fighter and she has the ability to revive, and then heal. With top alliances, if you don’t have Guin, Delilah is the tank to have.

Now Justice, she’s slow, but if she goes off, it could be bad. On the flip side, you can counter her blind (which is the important part of her skill), with a number of heroes (Zimkitha, Grazul, and Rigard just to name a few). Also, with her being slow, you can dump more tiles into her before she goes off, giving your heroes a better chance to mana up.

So, although Justice is a good tank, Delilah is the better tank.

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I hold her 3rd best. Gwen 2nd best. Onatel 1st.

… although I’ll grant, it might just be I haven’t figured out how to handle Onatel just yet …

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Delilah is just an okay tank. I personally have more issues with justice. I use mono and in either case I attack the more annoying flank. If I get the tiles either one dies. I can usually afford for Delilah to go off once and heal the already fairly healed heros until I can charge and snipe them and create a pocket is what typically happens.
My teams dont always have a cleanser and when fighting justice you often underestimate her assuming she will be a non issue and that can bite you. Especially when the flanks follow up afterwards.
I’d say neither are great, both can be annoying. Delilah is a better hero but it’s a close split decision between the 2 in the tank position and as I said justice in the past has “personally” caused me more grief than Delilah.

Delilah > Justice.

Justice is tanky, and the blind is nice, but she is slow and just doesn’t compare well to Delilah. Delilah is average speed, has the ability to revive and she heals. Her little minion meat shields are an added bonus.

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Delilah does not revive.

Oh, right. Sorry; I was thinking of specials, not talents. Disregard, please. :slight_smile:

Guin is the best tank in the game. She’s extremely tanky and her “Guin loop” is the most annoying thing in the game/

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She’s a fighter, and her talent has her have a chance to revive.

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No longer. At least not to me: I have more trouble with Onatel, Santa, and Ariel.

Delilah is my war tank whenever we use yellow tanks. She has done very well in most wars.

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The Guin loop hurts worse than anything those three can dish out


I kill Gwen with three tiles (or five, if she’s heavily emblemed), so the Guin loop doesn’t bother me: It breaks easily.

Problem is if she buys the rest of the lineup enough time to hurt me. Which happens on a bad board. But on a bad board, Ariel, Santa, and Onatel hurt me more.

I always find Delilah much more of an issue at flank than tank.

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