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Hi there, i almost can upgrade these heroes to thr last stage. Only need one poison arrows. I cqn choose between: Justice, Delilah or Leonidas.
Justice is for me the last place, but i am doubting between Delilah and Leonidas…

I previously underesimated Delilah. The truth is: she and her maaaany minions are just great. I would vote for Delilah.

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Thanks, true that, those minions are nice, but against the titan it takes a lot of time haha. And only 13%.

True Delilah is pretty much no good for titans, but she shines if raids and war.
It’s up to your own prioritization, for titans I would go for Leo. For everything else I would go with Deli.
I would go for Deli, even though I usually prioritize titans, because she is just so awesome.


Looks like you already made your choice.

But in all honesty, we cannot really help you without more information. How many healers do you have maxed? How many hitters do you have maxed? Do you want to improve on raiding, war or titan-fights?

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I like both, but is it very hard to collect the ascending tools. I really like Delilah, she saved me a lot of losses

My team is:


Yikes, that team kinda scares me.

I think this team would not be stronger if you swapped Leonidas for Delilah. So Delilah would be my choice to ascend. I would have loved to have her but unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough.


Had some luck with the portal and with tc20 training. But i think i will ascend Dililah indeed. Just waiting for 1 poison arrows.
Thanks Quazyx :slight_smile:


You’re right that Delilah is not a great choice against titans, but she’s SO good elsewhere, particularly wars. 5* healers are rare and valuable.


Delilah was my first 5* so maybe I’m just in love with her, but my take would be that Justice is almost as good at different roles than Del. (Leonidas doesn’t impress me so much. Would prefer Joon easily.)

My favorite thing to do with her is work slowly through early stages of something hard like a rare quest or challenge event, and get three minions in front of everybody before I hit the boss level. She’s at 3/66 now, and that is ~450HP in front of each fully healed hero. Plus 15 bonus pinpricks of damage each round 'till the meat shield is dead. (HP varies with her level & troop, of course)

When you have a bunch of level 5* 4/80 heroes you may not need this, but earlier in the game, it is a huge help.

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Your team is all women lol girl power


a 737 attack on Delilah is pretty nice - you don’t HAVE to fire her special, just use her for the attack stat for gems. Also, her minions aren’t going to last more than one hit and get wiped on aoe, so from my beta testing experience, it wasn’t that much time wasted (and if it turns wu from getting 1 shot into 2, or 2 shot into 3, that might be worth it).


Lol, didn’t noticed haha

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