Yellow def hero

What do you think about Akkorog? I am looking for good yellow flank/wing for def team. I just got Akkorog, have Uraeus and Mica too. All 3 before final ascention. Which one is the best to ascend? I plan to have sth like Onyx, Cobalt, Elizabeth, Yellow, Fogg or sth similar. Currently I have Joon there (without costume)

Akkorog hits hard on first hit, but that’s all. He’s special is pretty much irrelevant in defense (in 99% of the cases you don’t care about your attack hero order). There’s a whole topic on him in which we discuss it quite a lot.

Mica is pretty bad in defense, as the damage sharing can be turned into a liability very easily. If you see mica in defense, charge a defense debuffer hero, wait for mica to fire, then fire yours, and slaughter the team.

Among those 3 I’d choose Uraeus, who’s also good in offense in this meta.

Also personally I’m really not convinced with Elizabeth tank, but maybe you don’t have better options.

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I’m gonna wax philosophical here, but never level a hero purely for use on defense unless you current defense has trouble holding diamond, and you absolutely want to stay in diamond overnight for whatever reason. (I don’t get the feeling this is the case)

With that out of the way, absolutely do not bother with Akkorog. If you thought Cheshire Cat was underwhelming, well this is basically a 5* version of it that somehow does even less. Mica has some use on offense, but is a pretty bad defender as the defense buff is easily overwritten/dispelled, and the spirit link as mentioned is a liability as well. Uraeus basically hits at the level of costume Joon with some extra effects but at average speed. If you have 1500 sorcerer emblems ready, or have a lv 23 mana troop, he is probably the best choice out of the three.

Btw speaking from personal experience, ninjas do NOT make good defenders because they’re just too damn unpredictable. Well Cobalt might be ok to use since he’s a silent threat that just lurks in the corner, but if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing, suddenly he’s somehow a few tiles away from x3 charge and will murder your whole team in one go.

Fogg definitely isn’t a good defender either, he doesn’t hit quite hard enough for slash attacks to be able to finish off a hero. He’s excellent on offense though.

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I dont have many tank material heros, only Telluria may be good in that role. In that case I would do sth like Onyx, Eliz, Tel, Ureus, Cobalt

I dont have many tank material heros, only Telluria may be good in that role. In that case I would do sth like Onyx, Eliz, Tel, Ureus, Cobalt. I know defense is not that important but I mainly look for war def which is sagnificant, currently we are playing green tank so there I have Tel so Fogg would go out of defense in that case. I can do sth like Onyx, Eliz, Tel, Ureus, Cobalt, when Eliz fire first then Ureus may be decent option here. I was wondering even about Cobalt flank but it feels like he is a little too squishy there

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