Better Defense Wing - Drake Fong vs Costume Joon?

I’ve been contemplating my pick for my defense yellow hero for awhile now, and can’t seem to reach a conclusion… Whoever I choose, I’ll be throwing most of my monk emblems on.

Currently, the rest of my defense line up is as follows:

Finley - Gravemaker - Telluria - Ursena - Yellow Undecided

I really love Drake Fong more overall, but I feel Costume Joon might be a better fit in the wing position. Or maybe I should reconsider my overall order? What do you guys think? Thanks!

My subjective vote goes to Drake.

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I think costume Joon is a bit stronger, but if you prefer Drake on offense then I think it’s close enough that maximizing him wouldn’t be a mistake. It’s hard to argue against that massive single target damage and getting a fighter without having to spend fighter emblems, however.


C.Joon has slightly better overall stats due to costume bonus and some prefer fighter class over monk. However, I think it is important to consider the rest of your team composition when deciding. Tell, Ursena, GM and Finley are all “hit multiple enemies” (assuming finley hits when enemy has buff). In this case it might be better to use Drake. Assuming your heroes fire, Drake will have the potential to kill multiple weakened targets while C.Joon may only target one.

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I don’t think you can really go wrong with either.

Drake hits 3 for high damage, his blind on three is annoying as it always seem to activate when I just can’t kill one of the flanks. In my experience he usually fires at least twice, second time hurts more cuz of his element link.

cJoon hits like a truck and has very often sniped off one of my heroes before cRigard’s HoT has fully ran through. Revive talent is obnoxious to deal with.

So yeah personally I really don’t see either one that you can go wrong with. They’re both very strong in my experience, both are the most common yellow wings I run into when raiding.

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Both amazing. Do you want a stone cold, one shot killer…or one that is a total blindness causing pest? Either way you are a force.

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agreed. but drake gets my vote