Yellow Advice - Akkorog, Neith, or Guardian Owl

Not sure which way to go but have some interesting choices. Leaning towards Akkorog but Neith can really be a pain in raids. I think Guardian Owl is a distant 3rd, but would like to hear thoughts from those using him. Emblems and hero class aren’t a factor for these classes.

I already have a good set of yellow 5* - Joon, Norns, Costume Vivica, Sif, and Ureaus. Looking for raid and war depth.

Akkorog has the edge on offensive use.

Neith has the edge for use on defense.

Owl has the edge for rush attack war.


I find Neith to be a bigger pain during rush war. Owl does more damage, but the mana cut and blind are harder for me to deal with.

I have Owl leveled due to lack of other yellows. He only comes out during Rush Wars and is never the difference maker. Defensive Neith’s have been difference makers plenty of times. That’s my bias.


I would vote for Neith. Her mana cut and blind can be really annoying and even turn the tide of a battle.


I also vote North and echo the benefits of her jack-of-all-trades Special

Akkarog my be useful in a color stack where yellow is the non-dominant color (taking advantage of his fast Mana to arrange the formation) but is otherwise just a quirky hero to play with, IMO

Though I don’t have him, I like Owl but I think that’s because I like the playing with heroes other people do not find very useful (like Noor or when Zocc got a lot of hate, and I’m looking forward to Elradir, too)


Akkorog, better stats, better hit, fast mana. I have neith and have always found her unimpressive, more of a nuisance. I also have owl maxed and he usually doesn’t even get used for rush personally. Just my .02

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Akkorog is basically a 5* Cheshire Cat but somehow manages to end up being even more useless; at least the Cat gives a pretty hefty defense drop to holy, whereas Akkorog does bum ■■■■ all. I pulled him and he’s been at 1/1 for two months now and that won’t change anytime soon.

Owl outside of rush is also fairly useless, and even for rush he is still pretty unspectacular. The choice is pretty easy here, Neith wins by a mile.


Thanks everyone for the feedback. I think Owl is out. Don’t need a specialty rush attack hero. I think I’m leaning Neith but will take them for a final spin at 3/70.

I’m not sure what the thought was behind Akkorog’s special skill. Maybe one day it will be clear, but today is not that day…

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This. We encountered a rare yellow tank setup for one of our rush wars and the neith tanks demolished me personally and my alliance as a whole. One of her specials is hard to recover from, let alone multiple…

Outside of rush her special can turn the tide too. I don’t have her but have always thought she is quite underrated


Akkorog is a shiny new toy. Please, don’t.

Blow the dust off of Neith. She got a bad rap right from jump street for some reason, but I’ve always lusted after her. She does a little bit of everything in an effort to help drag that match on.

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I believe the reason Neith was so despised was, as so often happens, her initial beta incarnation was much stronger. So by the time a much watered-down version came out, people couldn’t see past the might-have-been to appreciate what she actually does. IMO she’s subtle, but effective. I didn’t get her :cry:

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If Akkorog hits first then rearranges enemies’ positions, I think he would be much better.

Id take a second look at Akkorog. Im thinking many haven’t faced him or don’t know how to use him.

He is 782 base Atk and his (fast) special does 280% damage to target and nearby enemies. His first attack gets 30% added to its power. That is a serious fast smackdown to 3, but even more so when on offense against a double formations.

I wish Cheshire was anything close to that. I don’t have Akkorog, but I have faced him a bit now in war and that first hit sucks. I have Neith maxed with emblems and she spends most of her time on the bench.

If formations make it to war, Akkorog will be a good hero to have.

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Issue is, you can’t reliably hit the center: he shuffles before the damage is applied.

I do think overall he is worthwhile, but Neith brings some nice utility to the table, so it’s a 50-50.

Owl, though, heavens no.

Ahh…thanks for that clarification. I thought the rearrange was second.

The problem is he doesn’t give any secondary effects beyond just doing damage. Sure he hits decent but it’s nowhere near sniper level and certainly not enough to be a major threat. Then there’s the other problem that’s been mentioned, which is he has the potential to hit only 2 instead of 3 since he rearranges before hitting, making him even less of an issue (on defense) or even more useless (on offense).

And yes I’ve faced him a few times, and my conclusion is he’s much less of a problem to deal with compared to Odin, even though Odin potentially could hit for much less depending on the board.


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