Strong / weak color in events


Since I am pretty new, last event was the first one, I could really participate.
If I recall correctly, there was a specific color, which the enemy monsters could riposte. So it was a good option to double a strong color and skip the weak color.

Is this always the case in events? Is it the same color for the whole event? (cannot remember last time in detail)

Which color is strong / weak for upcoming guardian event?


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Purple was the last reflecting color, yellow would be probably the next one.

As a general rule, leave in the bench heroes with the reflecting color is always a wise choice, with some small exception. (some people like to run Wu kong the same, using mana potions rather then tiles to charge him)

Double the strong color (in this case purple) may or not may be the best choice depending the stage you are fighting.
If it happen to run in many red opponents just saying, having 2 blues may be better then 2 purple.

Sadly, minor monsters has 2 predefinited color for each stage, but can spawn at random quantity everytime (while the boss stage is always the same)
So sometimes an asset that would be perfect for a run it’s not the best if you repeat the same stage, because you can encounter 6 of the same color and none of the other.

Changing, repeating, strategy, a good bench and a bit of luck are the key to do a good score :wink:


Each event has had a reflective color:

  • Pirate: purple
  • Guardians: yellow
  • Knights (Avalon): blue

There are ten different levels with different mixes of minions and bosses. Guardians (unlike the other events) has the same color minions on every level: yellow and green. It has two yellow bosses, two red bosses, and a purple boss. Leaving your yellow heroes on the bench is good advice except for the levels with the purple boss, Panther, at the end, you might want some yellow. Or not–Panther’s special has a massive shield against yellow.


I feel like Wu Kong was still in a lot of teams at the top even with yellow reflect.


Oh, i don’t recall it anymore.
Was really in every stage green and yellow?

If you have a hero that doesn’t have an offensive special, you can absolutely use them, IF you’re careful about gem cascades. I’ve used Wu in guardians the first time around and my sons used Sabina quite effectively to help them complete intermediate Pirates the last time around.

Yes, yellow & green throughout. It’s worthwhile keeping notes of each level so you can set up the team appropriate to the particular minion/boss combos.

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Has anyone posted the event stage monsters for the several challenge events?

I’ve got my own personal notes because I haven’t seen any posts of them. I know there are errors in mine so I wouldn’t want to publish them yet.

I am working as fast as I can.

Work keeps expecting me to stop playing and earn a paycheck.

[Raw Data] Guardians challenge- Bosses, Mobs

Beginners/ ***/ Rare Heroes

Stage 1

Guardian Falcon- 1190 HP red

mobs HP
Green 595
Yellow ( reflect ) 571

Stage 2

Guardian Jackal- 1250 HP yellow ( reflect )

mobs HP
Green 650
Yellow ( reflect ) 650

Stage 3

Guardian Kong- 1822 HP red

mobs HP
Green 643
Yellow ( reflect ) 670

Stage 4

Guardian Owl- 1944 HP yellow ( reflect )

mobs HP
Green 715
Yellow ( reflect ) 686

Stage 5

Guardian Panther- 2108 HP purple

mobs HP
Green 744
Yellow ( reflect ) 775

Stage 6

Guardian Falcon- 1640 HP red tank ( insane defense stat )
Guardian Jackal- 1640 HP yellow ( reflect ) glass cannon ( insane attack stat )

mobs HP
Green 852
Yellow ( reflect ) 852

Stage 7

mobs HP

Partial for Pirates

Stage 7
XP 1425 / 5 we

Kong 2352 red
Falcon 1730 red

Mobs HP
Green 865
Yellow -R- 830

Thanks for your efforts, @Gryphonknight. I hope you will repost your completed data spread when you finish compiling it.

Offering up a sacrifice to the gaming gods that your evil taskmasters will be sent to a week long management retreat so you can get on with important work.

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Thanks, you can see the wiki post here. A wiki post lets any user edit the post.

Personally I have stalled out at Stage 7.

With War, I am concentrating my leveling efforts on 4* and 5*, so my 3* challenge event is suffering. I cannot do Intermediate / **** / Epic, or higher, because my forge is not yet level 20.

Thanks for the link.

@Gryphonknight You happen to have the rest too :D?

I agree with you on this one