Yellow 5* to max

I just got dart number 6 that I’ve been waiting on for a while. I currently have no yellow 5* maxed. I have Poseidon and 3/70, neith at 2/60, vivica at 1/1, and Leonidas (not Joon like I originally posted) at 1/1. The only 5* I have maxed is Kingston. Working on mitsuko (at 4/54 and on hold for gm) Lianna, Richard (tc20 luck), Gravemaker, and Clarissa (got lucky in Atlantis). The 2 healers I use in defense are boldtusk and rigard ( I have costume for him). As I will be probably replacing them, I am wondering if I should max vivica in favor of Poseidon to have a healer in my defense team. The current yellows I have maxed are guardian jackal and mist. Jackal is 100% maxed with talent grid also, mist just maxed this morning. I don’t think I have any other 5* to be leveled that are healers.

I have 6 maxed blue 4 stars, kiril, Sonya, Grimm, Triton, boril, and mireweave. So pretty good depth there. Only blue 5* I’ve gotten is Richard.
Greens I have caedmon, melendor, byrnhild. Working on melendor and byrnhild on final Ascension. Not great depth there.
Reds are kelile, Scarlett, and boldtusk. Going to start on Wilbur when gm is done. Gormek is 3/60, colen 1/1. I have an Elena w/costume I will work on sometime
Purple max I have tiburtus and rigard w/almost max costume. Proteus 4/22, ghost lady and stonecleave at 3/60, obakon 2/60, and sabina at 3/60.

I have read other similar posts and it’s a go with what you need kinds thing, but I have good 4* healers that I can keep in until I get better, but not sure where I should go with my yellows. I was super excited to just max Poseidon as he was my very first 5* from last January, but I hover around 2k to 2100 cups over night and throughout the day and would like to be able to push into diamond. Not looking to be the best or anything, just good. My alliance wins 50-70% of wars and we kill 7* titans without issues. Regularly take down 8* reds, purples, and yellows. We struggle with green and blue do to poor red and green lineups. Can even knock out a 9* purple or red on occasion. Any advice would be great. Thanks

Based on everything you mentioned, I’d go Poseidon or Joon first, Posi is already at 3/70, so he probably makes the most sense, but either of those are good. Joon is a better defensive sniper than Poseidon, but they are both good offensively and their special skills are both valuable.

I need to correct the post I have Leonidas and not Joon, I thought that I had pulled Joon s ways back and didn’t touch him, but I’m dumb and was incorrect. My post was done based off of memory while waiting for my haircut…

Rigard and Boldtusk with lots of emblems are as good as many 5* healers in my opinion.
So I would go with Poseidon without hesitation.

What I really want to know is how you got a haircut! No social distancing where you are?

If you can get them to cut Leonidas’s hair, hopefully he’ll look enough like Joon to frighten attackers.


Definitely Poseidon, same reasoning as the others above have said.

Another +1 for Poseidon, even very good if you have lady woolerton (same mana speed) and fire Posidon 1st, then lady wooly is protected from mana stop ailment.
You mention all 4* heroes each color, but not yellow. :sweat_smile: :grin:

I’d max Mitsuko right away. She is so viable in the game right now. If you don’t need a five star healer in your defense, I’d skip vivica and go for Poseidon as choice 1, Joon 1A.

Based off what you wrote I’d lean towards another vote for Poseidon. He hits like a truck and he’s fast mana and you’ll get more versatility out of him.

If you don’t mind me asking, from the heroes you have (maxed and in progress) what is your defensive team plan?

I live in mid Missouri, they started opening stuff back up this past Monday. I am an “essential worker” so social distancing means little to me anyway.

Well, for now I was going to use my almost maxed Sonya for tank, and gm and Clarissa for flanks Edward and Poseidon as wings. I’m torn, and will possibly use emblems from Sonya on Clarissa to increase defense stat, possible attack tho. The other option is to use them on Richard and have boldtusk and gm as flanks. I don’t like to double colors in defense, but having greens trying to take out Richard and getting owned by gm sounds nice. My current defense is Kingston as left wing, boldtusk as left flank, talent 18 Sonya as tank down defense tree, rigard as right flank, and fully maxed jackal as right wing. It’s rough having good defense heroes that are of the same class. Emblems aren’t plenty enough for me yet.

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