Which 5* yellow next? Should costumes influence ascension decisions?

Yup, another ascension opinion thread. For those who don’t know me; I’m Steve, the most indecisive human being on the planet. Pleasure’s mine! :slight_smile:

First off, my maxed(or almost maxed) 5*s:
-Yellow: Poseidon+9, Vivica(4/66), Leonidas, Drake Fong+11
-Purple: Hel+8, Kunchen+7, Obakan+6, Guardian Panther
-Red: Mitsuko+12, Marjana+6, Grazul
-Blue: Ariel+8, Frida, Alasie(4/62)
-Green: Lianna+9

My options for yellow 5*s: Guinevere, Ranvir, Inari, Guardian Owl, Poseidon#2, Neith, Justice, Joon, Leonidas#2

Things to consider:
-My Current Raid Defense: Poseidon/Ariel/Mitsuko/Hel/Lianna
-Emblems are split because I’m in the process of switching to this defense: Kingston/Mitsuko/Kunchen/Drake Fong/Alasie
-Current War Defense: Ariel/Guardian Panther/Poseidon/Hel/Lianna

My alliance runs yellow tanks, so maybe I should go with Guinevere, but I don’t like the idea of maxing a hero solely for defensive purposes. Also, my defense does really well in wars as it is. Last couple of wars no one even tried to attack me.

I was kind of leaning toward either Ranvir or Joon. I was lucky enough to pull Joon’s costume and it sounds fun to max a 5* with his costume. Still, I already have a sniper and a blinding hero. Ranvir seems like more diversity. Plus, I tend to favor titan heroes. Also, I have a monk and a fighter 5* yellow maxed, so I’d get nothing there from Joon or his costume.

Does anyone use Ranvir outside of titans? Does anyone use him over Wu Kong at 3/70?

Thoughts? Should/do emblems and/or costumes affect ascension decisions? Do they tip the scales in favor of one hero over another?

Thanks in advance! I’m really interested in thoughts on this one.


We had two members run ranvir tanks for war… one is a f2p member so options are limited. The other just switched to a costumed joon +15 (I’ve included a screen shot of his stats for reference.) Ranvir is usually an early target.

I know what you mean about maxing a defense only hero… but I’ve actually been using guin in one of my war teams and she’s saved my a$$ a few times. So don’t count her out!

So guin and joon are my two votes. :slight_smile:


That attack is really impressive. Although, I wouldn’t be giving emblems to Joon. Possibly, Ranvir, but that’s only because I have over 1,000 druid emblems sitting in my inventory.

Between Ranvir and Joon; who would you choose?

Guin could be an idea, depending on what I want my war defense to be in the future… I just don’t think I need her right now. The benefits aren’t quite worth the cost at the moment.

Do you have Miki or Tarlak? I have Ranvir on my mono yellow so I use him a lot but that’s only because I dont have a better option. If I’m being honest I wish I could have those darts back since I have Miki for titans. I often charge his special but dont fire because of the misses. Joon is also on my mono yellow and he’s awesome. I really wish I had his costume. I think costumes should influence ascension decisions because those bonus’ are significant. I’d choose Joon.


Yup. I have Miki at 3/70. He is probably getting scopes once Alasie is maxed.

I still use Wu Kong on purple titans so that I can go mono. I wouldn’t mind upgrading.

My mono yellow is usually: Poseidon/Vivica/Leonidas/Drake Fong/Guardian Jackal

You don’t like Ranvir in PvP at all?

My mono yellow is
Jackal, ranvir, joon, poseidon and gretel.
The jackal-poseidon combo is nice but the jackal-joon combo is lethal. I really dont like Ranvir on pvp for my particular playstyle. The reason I use him is because he has a decent attack stat and he’s more durable than most of my other options. I see you have vivica so you might have more room for error but for me sometimes the misses he causes can cost me a win.

I actually didnt like Ranvir for titans too much either. I only gave Ranvir darts in anticipation of 13/14* titans and that really blew up in my face when I miraculously pulled Miki. 13/14* titans hit hard so failing to stun because of a miss sucks. I also remember a time when I had already fired Jackal and Ranvir and I popped a yellow diamond and watched all 8 tiles miss… shed a few tears after that.


We’re only fighting 7-8* titans, so I’m not worried about heroes getting killed in one shot. I don’t even know how I’d fight higher titans; 8* do a ton of damage hit in my eyes…

I really, really wanted to max Ranvir for diversity, but it looks like Joon is my better option. Thanks!

Yeah I agree that on weaker titans it’s a lot easier to live with the misses from Ranvir so you’d be ok there if all you’re looking for is an upgrade from Wu in durability. However in raids/wars/tournaments he can be a liability and I really hate relying on rng when I’m already at a disadvantage against some of these monster teams tou see nowadays.

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I tend to run mono in all my war hits. Joon would be an upgrade over Leonidas. Plus the costume. Hmm, I really wanna max both but can’t justify it right now. Indecisive 'til the end!

FWIW I’m a very indecisive person and I dont think Joon is the kind of hero you regret, especially since you have the costume. I would also like to note that I’m currently sitting on 6 darts because I think that S3 might be coming soon and I’d rather wait than make a decision now lol

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If I had 6 darts, I would not be ascending any of these heroes, so we are in agreement there. I have 14. 6 will be saved in case I pull something amazing(be it a season 3 hero or not). That leaves me with enough to max one hero.

I’d go with joon. The misses are annoying and expensive to avoid. Might mean you miss out on 100k hits but I’d rather be consistent.

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I agree with @JLB_ep and @Math4lyfe; you won’t regret Joon.

However as Math pointed out Guin isn’t actually the set and forget hero people tend to think. I was one of them and in the beginning when tryin to use her in pvp I found her weak and frustrating. Took some getting used to but now consider her awesome, especially paired up with Leo (Jackal-Poseidon for the fast 1-2 punch).

As for Ranvir; before maxing Leo I used him a lot in pvp and after a while got fed up with all the health checking and misses. He’s not bad, he can perform miracles, but ■■■■ it’s a bother. And he’d sit in the stable for all titans except purple if I had Miki (sniff)…

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I think that smart money is on Joon. I’ve never regretted maxing my Joon (even with my maxed Poseidon) and would be ecstatic to receive his costume. That said, I’m one of those weirdos that actually likes Ranvir, but I have a fascination with high skill cap heroes that work wonders if you use them just right. I love my mitsuko and Onatel, and both fall into a similar category for me.

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It is also worth noting that though Guin is the current undisputed best yellow tank, Drake really isnt that far behind. This is especially true in your case with him being heavily emblemed.

I also dont think that you have an ideal purple counterpart to back a Guin tank, as Hel is a tad too slow and hits too soft for my personal taste sitting behind a passive tank

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I use Ranvir in pvp, but then I have few other options. Jackal, Justice, Ranvir, and just maxed Leo the other day. I don’t mind Ranvir even in PvP. His misses are annoying, sure. But his attack buff is obviously great and if it’s already up and Jackal has hit first, Ranvir’s hit can actually take out a weakened target. I’m not much help: I don’t have Joon or any other really good yellow options really, so you play with what you’ve got. But most of the time Ranvir gets the job done.

And, yes, his special can cause the tiles into the Titan weak spot to miss and not stun. Like you, we’re fighting 8 star titans so it’s survivable

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone advocate for Guin on attack before this. Interesting to think about!

It is worth noting that I have Seshat at 3/70 and Kageburado at 2/60 with the mats to max one of them if I chose to.

That said, I really like the idea of a Kunchen tank flanked by Drake Fong.

It’s looking like Joon is the choice, thanks!

You have a Kage and didn’t max the Kage immediately? clutches tightly to my pearls

I was actually thinking of Seshat next… every “Kage vs Seshat” conversation I’ve seen has strongly leaned toward Seshat…

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