WWP Alliances Recruiting- Mergers Welcome!

The WWP family is looking for some more folks who want to bring the PAIN to their enemies!

Willow’s World- Line app required, 9-10* titans, 4k main team, Daily titan hits, all war flags, rotating war tanks, simple and effective war strategy, usually very chatty. Mergers TO us welcome! Currently 14 spots available. (as of 12/20/20)

Willow’s Dynasty- Line app optional, 6-8* titans, any level, daily titans hits, communicate about absences past 2 days, all war flags used, rotating war tanks, FFA wars, semi-chatty/mostly game related chat. Mergers TO us welcome! Currently 13 spots available. (as of 12/20/20)

Willow’s Hamlet- Line app optional, 4-6* titans, vacation/retirement for family members. No rules, communicate about absences past 7 days, FFA wars, very quiet chat.

A World of Pain- TOP ALLIANCE! Line app required, 12-14* titans, 4200+ teams, all flags used, competitive and strategized wars, very chatty.

Contact: Auryn @medusaeyes111 on Line app
Sheila @willowsworldavyana on Line app

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Our numbers may look low but that’s because we created alliances to fit the need of every member so we are a bit more spread out now then originally planned. Some folks couldn’t play daily, or couldn’t download line app, or wanted FFA wars vs Strategy etc. but they did not want to leave the family because they had gotten to know each other so well. Easiest solution was to create a small alliance family so that everyone can continue to enjoy the game and the people they met along the way. To us, its all about quality over quantity. And we aim to make sure every single person who joins us knows how valued they are as teammates. We enjoy cheering each other on and commiserating when things go wrong. So, if you’re looking for a place where you are appreciated and accepted and one that feels like home, look no further. We’re waiting with open arms (and open alliances at Willow’s World and Willow’s Dynasty.) :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing you there!


Great peeps. A home for everyone.

I got my start in one of Auryn’s alliances.
I recommend and refer to her alliances all the time. :wink:


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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Let’s end 2020 off with a bang! Join the Willow family as they set their new years resolutions.

  1. Kick ■■■
  2. Take no names
  3. Get 'er done!

Alliance is open! Stop in and say hello.

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Good family of alliances.
Highly recommended.
(First hand experience, just ask me.)

Ice Saber
:snowflake: :crossed_swords:

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New Year, new you so why not a new alliance too?

Looking for mergers (come to us) so we can compete in the alliance mythic titan when it swings around again. Currently 12 spaces at Willow’s World and 12 spaces at Willow’s Dynasty. For more info on each alliance see original post or feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have.

LINE ID: medusaeyes111

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Hiring! Inquire within!

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Still looking for more good folks to join our clan.

  • A World of Pain is currently stringing 14* titans and has 1 space available for anyone who would like to visit. (Top 400 alliance)
  • Willow’s World currently has 9 spaces available
  • Willow’s Dynasty currently has 15 spaces and is on the hunt for coleads to help out
  • Willow’s Hamlet is not open to new members currently but is available for family members who need to take a break from the game

Come check us out! Free brownies and ice cream!

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Breaking out an oldie but a goodie…

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Don’t make me a liar! Join the WWP family before anyone discovers the truth! :wink:

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