Willow's Dynasty - Looking for members and/or merger

Who we are: We’re a spin off of the original Willow’s World alliance created for members who have different needs and play styles then what is required at WW. Our motto is to help anyone in need while providing a casual but competitive environment that focuses on growth and development.

Who we are looking for: We are seeking active adult players of all experience levels who are dedicated to the team, willing to learn and contribute, and who use all their flags.

General Alliance Info: We are currently taking down 7* titans, using rotating war tanks schedule, and implementing FFA (free for all) war strategy. Line app is recommended but not required and comes with a dedicated Goat bot group strictly for WWP family members as well as access to a plethora of game resources.

Merger Info: As of 1/2/2021 WD has 13 spots available.
If interested in learning more, please contact Auryn on Line app @medusaeyes111

Willow’s Dynasty is the place to be if you want to focus on growth and learning!

On the hunt for some colead help!!!

Mergers welcome! You come to us. Currently 15 spaces available.

Great place for newbies or experiences players needing a break from top alliances.

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Willow’s Dynasty is still on the hunt for new members! Mergers welcome to come to us. As of 2-4-21 we have 13 spaces available.

WD is made for players who don’t want to use line app, want a more casual environment but still want to make sure all war flags are used. Chat is mostly geared towards game knowledge and learning. Great place to come and learn or to take a break from super competitive alliances.

Actively seeking a merger to come to us!
As of 2/24/21 we have 14-15 spaces available.
Seeking leadership help!
Willing to negotiate and compromise on alliance rules etc.
Please contact Auryn on Line app @medusaeyes111

Merger Info- Come to us…As of 3/2/21 we have 14 spaces available. Willing to negotiate. Need colead/lead help! Contact Auryn on LINE app @medusaeyes111

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