Willow's World - 5-6 spaces left!

Who we are: Established nearly 2 years ago as an alliance that seeks to educate its members while creating an accepting and fun atmosphere for all, Willow’s World has been a haven and home to many dedicated E&P players.

Who we are looking for: We are seeking members who are daily players, dedicated to team spirit, have at least a 4k main team with 6 war ready teams, and use all flags. Whether you are an experienced player with knowledge to share or are looking for an alliance that will help walk you thru the paces, Willow’s World is the place to be!

General Alliance Info: We are currently on 9-10* titans, use a rotating war tanks schedule, and coordinate wars with simple but effective strategy. New membership comes with acceptance in all of our dedicated LINE groups including a dedicated Goat bot room just for members of the WWP family.

Merger Info: As of 1/2/2021-We have 13 spots available.
If interested in learning more please contact Auryn on Line app @medusaeyes111

Help us on our quest to save Elora!

Currently have 9 spaces available for a small merger to come to us or for any individuals seeking an amazing alliance!

As of 2-24-21- Willow’s World has 5-7 spaces available for a small team or individuals to join. Currently on purple tanks for war but we switch up every month so new color coming soon. Fun and active crew! Ya know ya wanna get in on this action! :wink:

Merger Info? As of 3/2/21 we have 8-10 spaces available for a team to come to us.

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