Help on Yellow Titan

Hi, I know that there ar a few topics on this question, but didn’t find what I was looking for…

My team (fare bad on yellow titans), we are fighting 6,7 and 8* Titians but on certain colors I can go as high as 65K damage and on yellow hardly reach 20K… Reading other posts seems that I have to bring always Wu Kong (I was bringing Wilbur instead)… So, please, out of my roster, what should I take for maximum damage on the Titan…

Purple Heroes

Rigard - 4/70 (+3)
Tiburtus - 04/70
Proteus - 04/56
Sabina - 04/70
QUintus - 02/02
Domitia - 01/41
A few others but still 01/01 …

Other colors Heroes

Wilbur 04/70
Richard - 04/80
Joon - 04/80
Poseidon - 03/70
Wu Kong 04/70 (+3)
G. Jackal - 04/60
Kiril - 04/70 (+3)
Triton - 04/70
Buddy - 04/70
Lianna - 04/40
Evelyn - 03/70
Caedmon - 04/1
Melendor - 04/70 (+4)
G Kong - 03/70
BT - 03/70
Anzogh - 03/13
G Falcon - 03/60

Some others, but I believe that this is more than enough… Any help is greatly appreciated… Specially that this Titan we are fighting comes with the chance to Poison Darts that I desperately needed to max either Poseidon or Viviva…

Thanks a lot!

You already have a pretty good hero roster, especially against Titans!

First of all you shouldn’t feel bad about inconsistent Titan damage! Everybody has stronger and weaker colours (maybe except the pros with their almost perfect rosters). For me it’s purple as well because like you I don’t have G. Panther who would effectively double the damage output but you probably already know the benefits of elementals def debuffers as you do run Eve and Jackal!

I would normally advise running 4+1 where the “+1” should be Wu or Tarlak. Of cause you can also run Wilbur instead for more consistency but often less total damage output. Some people even bring Wu and Wilbur together…

Talking about your current rare yellow Titan, I would recommend the following 2 options:

A) Rigard, Proteus, Tiburtus, Sabina and Wu if you are willing to immediately charge Wu with mana portions before the damage reflection finishes him off.

B) Rigard, Proteus, Tiburtus (should replace him with a better leveled domitia on this line up), Sabina and Wilbur to avoid the damage reflection.

I hope this helps! Good luck getting those darts! :grinning:

prot, tibs,quint,dom and wu

Take Wu, Wilbur, Proteus, Tiburtus, Rigard

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