Wu Kong, Gretel or G. Jakal

I finally collected my fourth orb of magic today so now I have a decision to make. I have WK, Gretel and GJ all on 3/60. Reading other similar threads Wu Kong seems to be the common choice but I don’t know if that is the case in the context of the rest my main rainbow team.

Melendor +3
Magni 3/41
Gormek 4/61
Sartana 3/70

I have played a few games using each of the yellows in the 5th place Wu Kong is great for Titans and GJ is good with other yellows, but Gretel has proven most useful in raids. Which is the area I am trying to progress in at the moment. I am tempted by Wu Kong but have had a string of misses from Magni and Sartana on raids when using him.

I have been playing for almost 4 months spend a small amount, have finished the first season and am currently upgrading my TC to 18, SH is 20.

Any suggestions or opinions would be more than welcome.

What level titan are you fighting right now?

My alliance is mostly fighting 4/5 star titans and I get A+ 90% of the time.

Bigger answer coming in… but if you are always #1, time to find a bigger challenge IMHO

Here is what I would do.

All three are fantastic. But right now, early in your playing, you really need help progressing through the map, getting better grades in titans (when you make a jump up), and TBH war and raids are really secondary to your progress right now.

I would do Wu first because his over all performance will help you progress. I never maxed Wu. But I have watched how he has helped countless people.

Follow Wu with Gretel. Her mana control when used right is amazing.

Follow those up with Jackal. Jackal is in my top 10 most used heroes. But he really shines once you are color stacking heavier than what it sounds like you can do today. Plus he is so squishy, he really needs some emblem help to get the max out of him.


Or you could say screw conventional wisdom like I did, don’t max Wu, do Jackal first, and get really good at color stacking and board management.

But that’s probably not the right call. Do as I say not as I do lol.


Wu first for titans and then Jackal. Jackal is my favorite yellow hero…I like him so wel I maxed two!

Actually those are the yellow *4 I have maxed… Plan to give Rogue emblems to Jackal…

I first maxed Wu, then Jackal and finally Gretel but that was cuz that was the order I got them, and even I had Chao, Li Xiu and Hu Tao they are still at 3.60… actually I got Jackal once I had Wu maxed, and got Gretel once I had Wu & Jackal maxed…

I decided to max Wu cuz I was fighting *6 & *7 titans… and on *7 a 3.60 Wu was pretty weak usually one-shooted…

Since you are facing *4 & *5 I will go with Jackal first then Gretel and then Wu, Wu special and strenght works fine at 3.60 on titans *6 or below… Jackal even maxed is extremely squishy ( defense of 531) … and Gretel could be your Mana Control…

However if you see possible to get to *7 titans or higher in a very near future (either your current alliance get there soon or you decide to get to a new alliance fighting those titans) i will go with Wu, Jackal and Gretel (as I did)

I only use Wu on titans, he was a key hero for completing S2 hard mode, and also on some events (I used him to beat Avalon Legendary Stage 15)…

Gretel is a nice hero, worth leveling and maxing, the ‘problem’ with her is she is highly overshadowed by her brother Hansel (arguably the best *4 green in game and probably one of the best *4 overall) but she is very useful when you need a yellow mana control…

Wu Kong first, always. Unless you have Ranvir, Tarlak, or Miki, you absolutely need Wu Kong for good titan scores.

and even if you have any of the above, Wu Kong is awesome for epic tier challenge events, where the above three are not allowed to participate.

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Thanks for your suggestions everyone, in the end I went with Wu Kong. So far so good, I even picked up another orb so I can start saving for my next yellow to be ascended.



All 3 are good.

I would do Wu then Jackal then Gretel.

Wu is great for titans but also allows you to raid above your weight.
Jackal is great if you have other yellows stacked together but defense wise is moderate at gold/platinum level.

I know, the decision is made - but why did almost everyone suggest to max Wu for 4/5* titans? I’d say he’s good enough at 3/60 for them and had Gretel maxed first…

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Wu - titans can be upgraded

Jackal - need yellow teammates

Gretel - good but later

Wu + Jackal = great on purple titans

I’d want to go in this order:

  1. Wu Kong - he will immediately bump up titan scores, which increases odds for good mats
  2. Jackall - I use him to this day, with 15 maxed 5-stars, he’s that good. But he’s best when paired with another yellow hero (like wu kong!)
  3. Gretel - She’s also amazing. Mana control is powerful stuff. But she’s average speed, and the other two seem like bigger deals.

In the end, you can run all 3 in a yellow stack that will smack your enemy upside the head. Those 3 will dominate a purple-center team in Platinum.

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