Advice on team

Hello everyone I am wondering how y’all feel this team would be for defence once leveled.

Was also thinking of taking out kiril and using BT

I would advise never to put two of the same colour next to each other and not to use three of the same colour.

It makes you very vulnerable to a blue stack.

Onatel is a great tank.

I don’t know Anzogh well enough to comment on him.

Proteus is brilliant on events but very weak on defence, in my opinion.

I find mitsuko underwhelming, but has a reasonable stat line.


Thank you for the advice. This is my curret team I will use for defence.

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I don’t think Onatel and Proteus would work well together. Onatel needs to steal mana to re-fire, but if the hero she is stealing from is already covered by Proteus’ special, they will not be gaining mana for Onatel to steal.

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Kiri Ona Anz Bud Proto

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valid point
20 times right

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Since they’ll rarely be active at the same time, I wouldn’t care about this small disadvantage.

Hi everyone! I’m new here, I’ve only been play for a solid week. I came in when Kingston was the HOTM and luckily got him on the fir set of epic summons. Anyway I’d love every bit of advice you can give on the best team to setup. Who can get eaten? Who should get the trainers? What’s the best strategy to form alliances? Where’s the best spots to build…lol…I know…I need everything.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

I posted screenshots of my hero’s and defense team for your review!


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Stop summoning, you won’t be able to feed them, save your gems for other purposes and build your fortress. The forum is plenty of guides. Build your training camps and start leveling your heroes. Don’t lose any 3* or upperr for now.

@Humblebraggart Good pulls for just starting out. Concentrate on building a couple of good three star rainbow teams then after that move on to the 4 stars and so forth. For three stars keep Bane, one Oberon, Tyrum, Gunnar, Ulmer, Valen, Nashgar, Friar Tuck, Belith, and Hawkmoon. One and two star heroes are meant to be fed to the higher rarities to level up.

I mentioned this before in another thread but it bears mentioning again here. When leveling up heroes, do what is called on color feeding. What that means is that say you are leveling up Bane right? You would feed two star heroes like Sha Ji, and Hou. For feeding the same color you get extra xp on top of the base xp for that rarity. I forget the exact percentage but if you are being super conscious about how you are spending your food and want to be really efficient with leveling and all. Then on color leveling is the way to go.

I know that got a bit longwinded but it is better that you know this when you’re starting out rather than having a headache about it later.


Thanks for the feedback guys I really appreciate it. I won’t waste time or money summoning and I read about training troops over night so I will implement that also. Feeding the same color will definitely happen from now on. So for now I will stay small and work on building a strong kingdom.

Oh btw what’s a good number to have in terms of mines, buildings, trainings and storage?

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So who should get the trainers? What’s the best team to make out of what I have?

Balthazar, Bane, Valen (or Ulmer) Belith, Nashgar.

After this you may proceed with 4*