Worth to replace Springvale duo for Slayers at my D team?

Hey everyone,
as topic saying, iam wondering, if its worth to replace Lepus (LB, +19) and sir Roostley (+15 atm), for Caitlín and Rian. So far leveling Slayers to the max, so wont take long to have both
at 4/80, emblems aint much of an issue aswell.

My current def team is:
MN+20 / sir Roostley +15 / Gefjon +20 / LB Master Lepus +19 / Dr. Moreau +20
Reverse formation

Np with my current def team to be clear, keeps me easy down to 2550 cups over the night, which is quite perfect for filling up my wanted raid chest, without need to reroll much. Just feeling it might be right time for some change.

As much as i been testing my new Slayers, they are simply great, in a few rounds you have fast heroes with auto self healing, offensivly ofc.

What you think about putting them into my def team?

  • YES - Slayers will do better at Def team
  • NOPE - Springvale with 10% attack bonus will do better job

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They are both worth embleming and if emblems isn’t problem then max them and test them in defense, personally I think that results will be similar with Slayers and with Springvale


Both are worth emblems for offense in war/raid, and VF rule offense as well as defense.
Slayer teams are too slow on defense ouutside VF rules…
But you can test it as @Radar1 said.


Both are troublesome for sure. I voted Slayers only because I’ve faced them a few times and that stacking it really tough to deal with.


You could try both options and see which one works better.

What I don’t like about this team is that it has MN on the front where the attacker would (easily) kill her with tiles. If I were you, I’d either run a different formation or would replace MN with someone else. Using MN in reverse formation is not very optimal, imho.

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As soon as i will have both maxed, gonna test it out for sure. My 40 reset emblems sitting there for nothing anyway.

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