Again, who rather deserves my emblems?!

Hey Guys,
I need a little advice about whom to give my druid emblems. I’m only considering 5s right now, don’t really wanna emblem 4s unless they are game changers…

Currently Alby is in possession of all of my druid emblems (4/80+6). I never questioned my decision, but recently I wonder if Zim would be better suited…
I regularly face her in Raids and she can be tough nut when sitting on the corner while Alby doesn’t give me any problems at all. I also looked at many top Def teams and Zeline or Lianna and to a lesser extent MN seem to be favored over Alby.

So should I swap to Zim or stay with Alby? I like both heroes very much on offense and defense and play around with them a lot, so I’m not talking about a specific use for a specific team but rather about their general usage in every kind of fascett this game has.

Btw do you still consider Alby to be A+? Or has his overall usefullness decreased over time with a meta that keeps getting faster and faster?

Spread them to have a deep roster.

Cool heroes up to +4, best further.


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