Wormwood raids Telluria - Raiding Tips & Video

Not really a challenge per se, and it’s not my intention to prove whether Telly is OP or not. If I had to point out any takeaways from this video it would be the board manipulation and raiding techniques. Just a few things I’ve picked up over my stint in EnP.

One of the most prominent issues I see with raiders is that they don’t take their time analyzing the board, i.e. really assess how many possible moves are available to them and possible followup cascades for each.

Obviously nothing is guaranteed when making matches and cascading combos can sometimes define the outcome of a raid. Still, there’s a lot of things that we can do give us the best chances at winning raids.

Consider the following:

  • When’s the best time to trigger a defense special? Sometimes it’s good to trigger certain specials on purpose early on, even right at the beginning to minimize the overall damage, sometimes avoiding triggering a special is best and bypassing it for a single turn can keep you in the fight…

  • Who should you kill first? Every raid is different and it will vary case by case, but consider the mana of all of the heroes on D vs your own before firing your specials. When every special is crucial on your offense you must maximize damage as best as possible and start thinking about combining damage from specials and tiles and even strategically buying yourself a turn or two.

  • How many tiles does it take to charge your heroes ? Sad to say many people don’t know, and those of us who do, forget to consider that while making matches sometimes. Count the available tiles and figure out how soon you can capitalize on them before you can charge your manas. Not enough tiles ? How many are you missing ? How many potential moves before you can get all that you need. One trick I’ve learned is purposely creating dragons to get that last missing tile you needed or using the dragon to reach a tile that you weren’t able to match before.

  • Plan ahead. Once again, take your time and assess the board. If you don’t know what your next 3-4 moves will be you’re likely rushing too much and going for the low hanging fruit will inevitably bit you in the ■■■ more often than not. The diamond you seek wont always be readily available to you, I suggest you familiarize yourself with what fragments of diamonds look like, i.e. half or third of a diamond. Often times the diamond you wanted was only a move or two away but we screw everything up because we failed to recognized the pattern.

I hope these few raiding tips help anyone out there as well as see the video I included under a different light. Remember that there will always be a Telluria to beat, that OP hero that we despise because they’re just so tough kill or their damage is too devastating. Don’t give up just yet, whether you’re a mono raider, 4.1, 3.2, etc… you must understand that the opening board doesn’t always dictate the outcome. There’s still a lot of things at your disposal to turn the tides IF you play your cards right…

Lastly, everyone looses. EVERYONE. You’ll learn nothing from a victory on a good board, it’s learning hero chemistry and raiding techniques where the real challenge and fun lies… EnP is not about winning, is about progression…


Awesome bud! Thanks for contributing that… and totally agree - it’s all about improving your team and play!


You know you are playing at a different level when you can take several shots from tell without anyone on your team charging and not one of your heroes die.


These are all great tips and I even follow a few myself. Gotta work harder on the rest. I have had many a match where early on I looked doomed and managed to eke out a win by playing the board. I’ve also had many a match where it started great and it all went downhill fast for a quick loss too. It’s planning 3-4 moves ahead that I need to work on more.


Thank you for taking the time for this very helpful post.

I would like to add one more tip:

Don’t rush to activate a diamond as soon as you created one. Remember it depletes all the tiles you want, which might often make those very valuable tiles go waste. For a fast hero it takes 8 tiles to charge and 5 will be already in your pocket at that time. Look for a 3-match and charge your fast heroes. Activate the diamond later and make use of the remaining tiles to the fullest.

Plus, when you activate a diamond you risk charging enemy heroes along with yours and enemies will fire first. They might blind you, debuff your attack, buff their defense up, etc.

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Lol, right… I think we’re generally taught early on that diamonds are a good thing and so we rush to activate them without second thought about the impact they’ll have on the board. Good reminder…

The reason I brought up all those “tips” was because it was the only reason I was able pull the win on some of those matches… This totally falls in line with that…

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Yeah fighting Tellie with your Tellie and GM, along with other HotM. You can survive 2-3 Tellie defensive special; gives you more chances to recover.

So much this! There are sooooo many guys out there with really good rosters. The fail to accomplish steady results cause they do not take their time. It does not matter if you win in 5min or 10min but most likely you will lose if you do not take your time and therefore beat yourself.


Guilty as charged :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so it’s always a good reminder… There’s literally no advantage to rushing it…

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Thx much for the Video. Is it possible to get that playlist? :smirk:

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Artist Name: Anachronist
Album: Self-Titled


Nice one. Thx a lot and see u in raids :muscle:

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