Wizard Emblems: Guin or Proteus?

I know Jinx is kind of useless for both Guin and Proteus, but I will soon be maxing them both out and without anyone else to give wizard emblems too in any foreseeable future, who do you think would better utilize the emblems?

My thoughts are to go with Guin because she is the tank and the tank should have the strongest stats on the team, so why not make her even stronger than she already is? On the other hand, Guin is already strong, while Proteus can be a bit frail, so should I try to beef up Proteus to even out his weaknesses?

As a mono purple Guin hunter I can tell you that defensive emblems only start to make a difference to me at +9. That’s when it starts to require 4 tiles to kill her rather than 3. And that’s with my purples non-emblemed. If someone goes offence w Kage, Victor, or Sartana or Panther, I can see Guin needing +12 or more to survive 3 tiles

I’d go Proteus as you can get him to +20 for the number of emblems that takes


I voted Proteus with my Emblems. Guin is almost exclusively defense and as such doesn’t see a lot of action where Jinx matters. Proteus, on the other hand, sees a lot of offensive Raid, Event, Challenge, and Quest action for his mana blocking ability. So I spend emblems on him, not for Jinx, but to build up his DEF and HP so he stays alive longer.


Yes, I believe you can also max out 3 4* heros with the same amount of emblems as 1 5*. If you pull HEL one day you can just reset the emblems and choose then. But in the mean time, spreading them on 4* heros who are worthy may be more beneficial, as offense is more important than defense imo.

Edit: I have every one of my maxed heros 4* and above to atleast lvl 1 talent if I use them alot. You will be surprised how often those activate. Then I chose my favorite most used 5* and give them all emblems. For example I do not have any worthy sorcery heros so Mitsuko gets them all.

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Just as a point of reference, if you max Proteus’ health and armor using emblems (which would happen at +17), he has 702 defense and 1259 HP. Using the generalized “tankiness” formula of 2*armor+HP, that puts him at 2663, which is right between Leonidas (2657) and Lianna (2684). That’s not bad at all.


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