The dreaded Wizard Emblem Conundrum

I opened my war chest and got my 108th set of gloves but there were 50 Wizard emblems so I have 72. I’m taking my own advice and not upgrading anything right now but this decision sucks. When I was in beta the upgrade was great for Hel and really made Sartana rock (didn’t try Zeline). It did make it tougher for any Yahoo with a mono team from killing Guin.

However I’m a member of a top alliance and we haven’t discussed ascending Guin but we do use yellow tanks and war outcomes often rest on the number of Guins and GM on the teams. The talent special only gives more tile damage to Guin so the whole tree basically makes her more tanky but that’s it. If @Kerridoc is right and Guin declines then upgrading her is less useful…

Thoughts? Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one?

This seems to be a group decision but I would stick to Guinevere.

I guess to that the leader of your alliance must talk to you and all the others and decide what you all want to do.

It’s still early, and that step only gives you a very low chance to activate the talent and no stats, so no rush at all.

For the game and as my personal opinion, i really hope people leave Guinevre behind.

I think the question is not just for one alliance because I’ll bet a lot of the top alliances will do the same thing. Is AW going to continue to be a battle of Guins (who will now be 4/80+20) or will we have the courage move to a variety of other tanks?

I going to borrow this thread if that’s ok?

I have a similar conundrum except with 4*s. I have Kiril and Proteus as my only 2 fully leveled Wizards with Onatel on the bench at 2.23.

Who gets the emblems until she’s ready?

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Proteus. Forget the special; it’s icing but not critical. Keeping Proteus alive and firing is the goal, period. He’s amazing but squishy; make him less squishy.