WorldPeaceTreaty is seeking members

My alliance has had 2 defections in recent days so now we need 2 willing and able members to come join us! We try to help each other out and I’ll promote you if you seem worthy. I’ve been promoting folks when they reach 800 cups.

Also FWIW I haven’t ever kicked anyone. Maybe I should be a little more ruthless but I understand people got lives to run over a game lol. Thanks

Hey @originaldaveo, I have 2 profiles, play pretty much every day and am interested in closing my experiment of an alliance in favor of being a grunt in an alliance. If your spots are still open, let me know if you are interested and what else you’d want to know.

Filled one spot. We’d love to have you!

Cool…gotta finish some stuff at work. I’ll hit you up in a couple hours if it’s not too late by then.

We are at full capacity now.

Hey Killswitch we are looking to beef up our alliance a good group if you are still looking hit us up our alliance is: here to have fun.

killswitch - we have spots that we’re hoping to fill over here at Empire Friends if you’re looking

We are now seeking 3 new members. We had 3 who just decided they’d quit playing (all over 100 days ago) and I felt it was a safe bet to assume they no longer wanted to play the game.

We have 7 openings in our alliance. Looking for active members for everything. We’re not the most powerful alliance. We only get 4-5* titans but I’m sure with more help we could grow further. Come join WorldPeaceTreaty

Down to 6! Come join WorldPeaceTreaty!

We legit had someone join for a day and then leave. Idk what I’m doing wrong but I would like some advice

Can this thread be closed please?

If you’re trying to close a thread, just need to tag a mod using “@” before the name - let me help you @zephyr1 @Garanwyn


Sorry about that. Thank you :pray:

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Sure, thanks for the heads up! :heart_decoration:

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