Established Strong Alliance Looking for New Members/Merger with Smaller Alliance

Our established alliance of 3 years is currently looking for new recruits or a merger with another strong, small alliance after a recent split.

All of our members are Level 47-61 and have 2000+ trophies. Several of us routinely show up in the top 100 players in the game. We’re open to weaker players, provided you’re working toward and approaching that 2000 trophy goalpost and think you might get there in the next few months.

Our most important rule: We require anyone in our alliance to be respectful of other players. We’re a supportive group, and don’t tolerate anyone that isn’t. If you’re a weaker player, we’re happy to help with tips on how to become stronger. If you’re a stronger player, you need to be cool being on a team where not everyone is quite at your level or spending as much $$ as you. We’re a team.

Wars are optional as long as you opt out. If you’ve opted in you’re required to use all 6 flags and a coordinated center tank.

We’re taking down 7-8-star titans in our current form, were hitting 10s and 11s before our split (and likely will again).

If you’re interested in joining or have a smaller team (~10 spots) that would like to potentially merge, comment with your Line ID and alliance name. I’ll reach out on Line to anyone that seems like a good fit.

Hi Emily, What’s your alliance name? We are searching (6 players ranged level 44-62). We just left an alliance that was vulgar. We have all played together over a year. Looking for a friendly group that loves to play. wobtb-2-2019 is my Line ID. Thanks, Amy

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Just added you on Line!

Just sent you a message on Line!

Interested if still available. Lineid YokaiPanda.

Sent you a Line message

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