Will Minions Become The New Meta?

In the meantime I have a grimble…just in case… I also have puss in boots…just in case… they are sitting at 1.if I feel the need to I will. Once I get minion summoning heroes I will make a minion team for the fun of it lol.

Merciless RNG means you have the heroes you have, not the heroes you want ( looking at you Ariel and Tarlak).


That makes sense and would be improvements

What i really don’t get is his stats + niche use

When we look at other “niche” use heroes(at least 5* heroes) the ones that come to mind first are margaret and inari which is true they don’t come in handy in every situation but their attack stats still make them nice for stacking

Grimble has niche use + low damage + low attack stat working against him, guess they made him a dwarf after they cut him off at the knees?


Probably true but battle items are cheaper than 4* mats and I’m still not seeing a situation where “if i had a minion hero this situation would be a lot better”

But since november(maybe december) of 2017 I’ve been able to beat the event bosses & rare quests with 4* non minion heroes

Granted i haven’t tried new legendary events with just 4* but i would think if a player’s hero options are limited then their emblem choices would be too and surely defense dropper + double heals + attack buffer and a few battle items would work just as well as minion heroes?(all of those can be achieved with s1 4* which is why i used those specials as examples)

I feel we’re skating into very individual circumstance here, i just can’t see this being a common situation where player has better non druid minion hero options than 4* options for completing quests and such

High defense tho?..ugggh 20 characters

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Unlike class quests, Seasonal event triple bosses cannot be carpet bombed.

I cannot remember, but I think Challenge events v2.0 bosses are also immune to just nuking from orbit

Triple bosses with healers are the worst.

Once again, merciless RNG with 4* / 5* heroes and 3* / 4* ascension items.


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Tabards and Telescopes

Mother Frakking North



High defense for what exactly?

I mean minion heroes don’t do a ton of damage as is, and if he’s in a defense team over virtually any other purple 5*, he’s 1 less threat than the other possible choices

And with low attack he sucks for titans

Idk i just don’t get his entire design to be honest

People are screaming for buffs for other heroes but i legitimately feel grimble may be the worst hotm we’ve ever had

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I already autofarmed the xmas quest so i can’t try anything there, guess in guardians I’ll try goin through legendary with s1 4* and see how it goes, bout the only option i see for me to grasp this concept


Lol. Well I have someone maxing him currently if she has the mats. So I’ll get her opinion. I agree with him being less effective as other purple 5 stars. His damage is similar to isarnia (without the higher atk) I think she is gonna run him as a tank or flank not sure.im definitely interested in using her as my Guinea pig to see how he does lol. But it says alot that i havent even touched him yet. I’m just too skeptical atm.

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I think you’re friend is heading into regret but some just gotta find out for themselves

And who knows, i could be absolutely wrong about this hero but he just doesn’t come out as a shining utility in any scenario i run him in. And by that i mean a situation where i wish i had him and not one of the other purple 5s. Maybe quintus or boss wolf?

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You are not wrong.

But merciless RNG also applies to 4* heroes.


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Merciless RNG and 4* heroes


( https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/search?context=topic&context_id=110719&q=Rigard&skip_context=false)


@madmarv is a god

🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event


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Alright sooo

Who do you have i could pick from?

Uhhhh I’d be quicker to level quintus and boss wolf…ok maybe not boss wolf cause he doesnt deal damage. I have yet to level any riposte character. But at least quintus has a costume and if he goes off you feel it…if he goes off. I mean in my opinion riposte and revive characters are cheap but I get why people would use them to get an edge over the competition. It’s just not my playstyle.

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True hmmm i guess just wait for your friend to shed some light on him? Maybe she sees some bright light of positivity in him that is just well hidden from 99% of the playerbase?

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Earlier in this thread you stated that mother north is at times a reason for a defense in war needing multiple flags, grimble is a direct counter to her when maxed, he kills every hero brought back (something ursena can’t do) and charges your heroes to kill her off. I’m not saying he’s great or a need but he’s also a perfectly usable hero even when there aren’t minions, he’s simply damage support with tank stats to be able to take sniper fire and such but also help with damage. I saw you mentioning at some point how you’d be happy to max kestrel if you got him, another hero who is pretty much just damage support but without an additional niche to fall back on. Grimble can’t be blinded and is also a cleric, if you battle holy tanks a lot (which have Del), he seems like a serviceable hero to me and has been. Will he get mats, I don’t know, but he does well in his role.


Yea i guess, well hope the competition invests tabbards in him over other options

Haha, if they do or don’t, they have enough depth to not care and use him as a niche hero when needed.

One of the best niche use cases I’ve used him in was in a 4-1, had no real main stack tiles… set off Del, charged Grimble… still not many tiles, had to set off Del again, used grimble, he charged my main stack for me and won the match. Can’t think of any other hero I could have done that with and for a lot of folks that could have ended as a 0 in war.


Depends on the account.

IIRC Gryphonkit, my wife, on one account has Delilah 5*+5 ( original release HotM), Hu Tao 4*+20 ( not my idea, also uses advanced color training RT14- RT18, and leveling 5* before good 4* heroes ), Li Xiu 4* 4.70, Gretel 4* 3.60, Chao 4* 3.60, and lots of 4* 1.1 for yellow.

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Idc which account lol

I don’t think there are any 4* left in the game i don’t have, not counting the ones that haven’t been released yet

Lmfaoooooo thanks this comment had me laughing for a while.

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