Grimble & Gobbler - Still mediocre or the new superheroes?

With the introduction of the all new Season 3 heroes and the recent HotM, we can see a shift in the meta of the game. Minions seem to be an even greater thread which must be countered. If you take Freya and Telluria alone, who teamed up build a serious wall of minions around the enemy (or if you are lucky enough to get them, around your own team). Add some Seshas or Mother Norths and you will have a problem on your hands which is not so easily solved with the tools we have currently. So enter the counterstriker Grimble, Gobbler and Captain of Daimonds. Seriously? Is that all we have against them? Having in mind too, that Tellurias Minions cannot even get destroyed by this guys. So what to do?

Hopefully there will be new heroes who get a serious grip on the subject.

What do you think? How will you counter the thread if you would face the minionators in raids and wars? I think it comes a time, when firepower alone won’t be enough.

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Grimble destroys all Enemies’ Minions spawned from Telluria’ SS, except her owns :wink:


I usually try to take down the resurrector (Mother North) just after the tank while trying to control the mana of other minionmancers (everyone but Seshat and Mother North).
In the end I’ll try to focus on the ones who still stand, even if I were to have my snipers injured I would try to defeat Seshat just after the tank and Mother North.

I don’t have Grimble but even if I had him I wouldn’t bring him to fight them… let alone Gobbler :stuck_out_tongue:


Tbh i have mixed feelings about the prevalence of minions at the best of times, and the increase is really making me unhappy about the future direction of this game. I drew for grimble in dec because i felt like this was going to get worse before it got better, and while I’m not thrilled with his stats i definitely think he’s moving from mediocre to good, and even great as this progresses. I don’t have capt diamonds and i haven’t seen much of him, but gobbler is far too frail to be useful, even as minion spam becomes more possible.

I’m hoping that there will be some minion-removal heroes released after the current “10% crit element link” group cycles through, but as with most things in this game I’m not holding my breath.

I have Grimble at 3:70 and, as a modest level player with a modest roster, I’m finding him very useful against these minion heroes. I don’t own any of them though, so the main thing is for me to try and remember who they are so I can put him into my line-ups.

Recently have got the timing working and found him very useful, although I can imagine he might be considered less impressive for those who have a whole bunch of powerful 4 & 5*s


Gobbler is not and was never mediocre – he was and still is terrible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding Grimble and C. of Diamonds, they’re okay at their purpose. But there’s always been a way to deal with minions before destroyers came along.

Their specials are most effective when your opponent has managed to spam a lot of minions… and by then you’re probably already in trouble, and I’m not sure how much the minion destroyers will help as a safety net, in case you get in that situation.


Ok with all this talk of minion stuff from S3, I have had a look at my roster and found two buried treasures. Gobbler and Captain of Diamonds.
I have had these two heroes for months and months and just sat on them at 1/1.
Are they worth levelling now? Or keep them under wraps as a last priority?

The problem with Gobbler is his barrel-scraping defence that makes him pretty unusable


Gobbler died scraping that barrel. I hope you’re satisfied.

I have Grimble at 2/60. He might eventually get 3/70, but not until I have a ton of extra trap tools. I’ll probably make a 3rd Rigard first though.

For reference there is a pre-existing thread regarding “will minons become the new meta” and hence if these “Minion Removal” heroes will ever actually gain some usefulness

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Of course… There are always ways.

My favourite is my favourite combo - BK and Wilbur.
Minions ratchet up the attack boost to that magic +145% extremely fast, then AoE can blow them away and then some!



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