Will costumed emblemed 5 star be nice/best tank?

I myself have Joon and Vivica.

There are a couple of them…

Green/nature: horghall and lianne
Yellow/holy: vivica and joon
Blue/ice: isarnia and Richard
Red/fire: Elena and eh… just her
Purple/dark: just Quintus

I think horghall joon vivica and richard would be nice tanks. Will they be with the best tanks? Quintus I doubt if he’s better than Kunchen/Ursena/Hell

But vivica or Joon could very well be better than Guin.

Please your thoughts. I can post my emblemed Joon if that helps… I don’t find any information about this subject.

Richie wins by a large margin

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Most of this discussion will be burried in the costume discussions thread.

My take:

Green - no, neither are great… Horghall still sucks (marginally better but not enough) and Lianna is just too squishy to be a great tank.

Blue - Richard 100% could be a tank… I think the original with costume bonus does better as it’s Paladin class tho…
Issy not so much… Great offence but still probably not a good defender… Could work as flank but not tank.

Elena - possibly but not a great red tank option… Best of the vanilla reds for sure but not great.

Vivica - 100%… She’s bloody lethal… Just ask @KLinMayhem how good a tank she is…
Joon - not so much… Still best as a flanker or winger.

Quintus - not really… Definitely great in offence but too fragile and slow to be on defence… Especially at tank…


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