Blue tank question

Who are better blue tank? Variants:

  1. C.Richard (or Richard-CB)
  2. C.Magni
  3. Vela
  4. Thorne

Have around 1000 emblems for each class.
Now Vela keeps center, but due to Vela nerf and summon of Lianna and Joon I plan to change defence team like this:
Lianna-JF-(some blue)-Clarissa-JoonC (center is blue).

Tie between C-Richard (harder hit) and C-Magni (dangerous debuff).

But blue isn’t that great of a color to tank with in general.


We do not have enough green tanks or purple ones to switch, so, blue.

If you’re planning on giving high emblems to Lianna and Clarissa, C.Magni’s the only one that fits in terms of class. He’s pretty awesome so I don’t see why not!

He is pretty awesome, but as tank? For me tanks should be more defence oriented, like Aegir)
I already enjoyed him in offence, he is waiting for base hero to be 4/80 (costume already 4/80 month ago)

c.Magni is a hit before being killed first kind of tank, and he works for that imo. His defense debuff at fast on 2/3 is dangerous, as it can lead to the defense team getting an unwanted kill early in the match.

He’s nowhere near as durable as cRichard or Aegir, but he does have good enough stats for his speed to hold the center and fire at least once.

Yep I agree. The fact is there are no really good blue tanks, Aegir and Richard are only decent ones… C.Magni offers so much more than just being an OK tank, he’s one of the best blues in offense so why not cover both options.

Because Vela and Magni is already got their scopes and third will be either Richard, Thorne or Lepus. But I really want Lepus (very good C.Magni synergy+fast).

I would level Lepus in your situation just for that synergy. I haven’t had much trouble with a Richard tank so I don’t think you’d be gaining much if anything.

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If you use costume Richard you have the competition for emblems with Clarissa.
And in my opinion you are better loading me on Clarissa rather than Richard.
Magni is ok with lots of emblems but not a great tank in my opinion. If someone hits him hard he could be gone in one shot

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I know, but I will have emblem competition in purple anyway, because I only have Sartana and Clarissa in this color (and Quintus 1/1 and no tabards).

Just looked up Anchor’s grades at tank position. He’s given c.Richard (and Richard) a B, whilst c.Magni is given an A… not sure how accurate that really is but I do find if Richard goes off its quite weak and you have a chance to recover. Haven’t faced c.Magni enough times to really pass judgement.

You are going to emblem Magni anyways so the loose if he doesnt work in the tank position wont be that big.

I say you will emblem magni anyways because hes a top blue.

And yes, go Lepus without doubt. I have c.richard and hes ok but not at lepus level

I’d do C Richard personally. If you are doing blue tanks I’d put C Magni as left wing, a strong red as left flanks with Richard tanking. I normally never like a non-rainbow defense, but that team will punish in the later rounds of the war.

But if only reds is JF and Marjana? I do not think than they are that strong.

JF is a solid flank. Marjana isn’t bad either. Just because you don’t have the best (gravemaker) doesn’t mean the other are weak.

I have both Costume Richard and Costume Magni on max.
With emblems, I would say that Costume Richard is way better as Tank …

Vela is pretty good despite the nerf, expecially if flanked by snipers.
She being a druid can make her harder to kill due to some extra hp given by her minions.

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